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Beauty Pt. 1 (Open for roleplay)

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Lucy Cobaltienne
"You're just like her... Just like your mother. The way how she smiled, spoke, carried herself. A polite, obedient young woman, who never once did anything bad... But she never did anything good. A mediocre person who never excelled in anything useful... And you're just like her, Lucy." Echoed the words of her grandmother. Every time they managed to be alone, when the grandfather went off to work, the elderly lady made it a point to tell Lucy how much of a waste of space she was. It was ironic. Very ironic.

The woman had lost her legs in an accident and from then on, remained in her house, with her husband. The one man who constantly provided for them both, felt sorry that his wife was driven to such a sorry state. Both Lucy and her grandfather agreed to let the verbal abuse continue, because she knew that without her, her caretaker would only grow into further misery.

"I understand, don't worry. Just for her..."

"Thank you, Lucy... I only prey that you're able to leave here soon." Her grandfather was nice and cared for her as much as he could. Though he worked constantly, he imparted wisdom to her in the form of her mother's research.

That's where she gained her knowledge from. Knowledge only a person who has been a generation before her would ever know. Secrets, people, events, all of it stored in books that she read over and over. That's where her aloof nature began to bloom. It bloomed in the pages of all the information her mom ever wrote. Through those lines, words, sentences, paragraphs, all of it, she saw the type of person her mother was. Without her really being there, Lucy adored her. Her and only her, because not once was her father ever mentioned...

"Your father...? Well... A true Cobaltienne to the core. Resolute, firm, and he was a very skilled hunter. Your mother was smitten with him and of course they hit it off almost immediately." Those words from her grandfather echoed in her mind, brought her back to why she was in the Finnek Forest to begin with.

"Cobaltienne. A name that only a few know about, yet it..." Her mind pondered on the name, it's origin, it's significance. Was that name the source of her grandmother's animosity towards her? Was that name the reason why she had to be delivered to the elderly couple to begin with? Something to deeply think about.

That and the beauty of the blue forest. The hues had her curious ever since she had arrived via airship. Now that she had finally settled down, Lucy had to see it for herself. The entire sight was gorgeous. Her lips brightened into a warmer smile and with gentle, cautious hands, touched upon the leaves of a tree. Despite the fact she and her attire clashed with the sapphire tones, what with she wearing a combination of red and white, the huntress stood out like a sore thumb.

Weapon in hand, the student also gave the appearance that she wasn't necessarily defenseless either...

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Lucy Cobaltienne
A singular leaf was taken between her thumb and index finger. Slowly, ever so slowly, did the digits run over the foliage. She felt the texture of the leaf and closed her eyes for a moment.

"Mother's writings are one of the most insightful thing this world may have ever seen. Well, for her generation that is. There are many other scholars who have put forth their works, in order to educate the next. Why didn't mother publish them?" Lucy ruminated on this and remembered. A repressed memory had flooded her mind and brought upon a harsh ringing. Her empty hand shot over to the left side of her face, which was covered by her chestnut-brown hair. Pain blazed all over her body...

"Is this true...? IS THIS TRUE!?" That's what it was like for her to feel angry for the first time. Books strewn to the side, she leered at her grandfather like a rabid animal. To think that an 11 year-old girl had the fury of a thousand storms. Her caretaker was genuinely scared, because in that instance, he saw THAT for the first time ever. The Cobaltienne trademark.

"Onyx calm down...!" The grandfather urged her but then realized his mistake. Eyes widened, he referred to Lucy by her father's first name and not her mother's, unlike her grandmother. Whether that calmed her down or shocked her into a halt, was unknown.

She remembered what happened after that. Her mind could move that memory to the farthest reaches of her thoughts, but she'll forever have replayed when she least expected it. But it made sense. The reason why Lucy was here now, was because of that incident with her grandfather. When she found out about the truth, it horrified her, broke her. That was the first step.

"That's one of the reasons why I'm here... Onyx Cobaltienne... I claim to know everything there is to know, but the truth is, I really don't. Not that I'd openly admit that, but you and mother, are two of the greatest unknowns in my life. I know what happened to you two, but I don't know what happened in-between my birth and the years after..." She picked herself up at that thought, removed her hand from her hair, and straightened up her headband. Even throughout all of that, her smile didn't fade. The student turned her attention to the rest of the forest, held out her arms, and twirled. The coat she had belted around her waist billowed out in a rather dress-like manner.

"'I am like the seasons. Fickle. Much like birth, our meeting is your consent that I may not be the same forever, yet like any cycle, I'll be at a similar point in life. What about you? Will you hate me at my coldest, love me at my warmest? Come to me for warmth or seek asylum from me in the shade? Never will I be perfect for long, yet I can guarantee the days where perfection is my given definition.'" She recited the excerpt from her mother's diary to herself. Regardless of who heard, no one would be able to decipher the meaning of it. But Lucy knew... It was a message. A message from that woman to her father.

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Koko Hanazusaki
The sky, so beautiful in color, matched well with the loveliness of the land in Finnek forest. The clear day, so peaceful in a way, had seemed to make the little woodland animals so much more alive. Now, the bumbling idiot had found his way out, walking around as he talked idly by himself. The animals paid him no mind, he may have had a weapon but he was no real threat in the state he was in, which was tired, in pain from a fight with a doe, and mostly just intoxicated.

"Abomonation... Why are you dragging me out here.... Yes, I know I'm intoxicated, what of it... A bet? No I don't want to bet with you that you can sense a human. Why would I be so dumb to do so, even if you say something like that I'm willing to think that there would be one. No, no, what is with you and always wanting to spill blood? I just want to relax right now, don't you understand?"

He spoke, a black silhouette of smoke started coming from the blade, making an unidentifiable humanoid body. It wrapped it's arms around Koko's neck, the head of smoke getting close to his head as if to whisper in his ear. He shook, but to no avail she wouldn't let him go. In fact, it clung so deeply that the fingers of this shadow-like figure started puncturing Koko's flesh around the head and shoulders causing blood to spill. Koko made a cough, as smoke started pouring from his mouth and with each cough the figure grew bigger and bigger.

"What are you doing Abomination? Could it be that you are... Possessing me? No? Then get your fingers out of my skin. This is uncomfortable."

He whispered so quietly with the spirit, who made a sigh and pulled away just a bit, enough to stop digging into the body of the soul she indeed was trying to consume. Koko nodded in relief and pulled out a flask, taking a few sips as he stumbled around smelling of smoke, blood, and alcohol. That was when he blindly walked by the girl, a soft enough walk that maybe she didn't know he was there until he passed within a mere few feet of her. He didn't even realize she was there, and the spirit of black smoke hadn't decided to put itself back into the blade before he walked by her either, so she was in plain sight. The silhouette now, with a new set of cold eyes suddenly appearing out of the silhouette, looked dead at the girl. Koko stopped moving, and the entire time he didn't move the demon never stopped looking at the girl, as if checking out her soul.

"What? What are you talking about... There is nobody here but you and me. Turn around? Why should I? Yes yes stop with the screaming I get it. See, there is nobody-"

He spoke, turning around to see  the girl he blindly walked by. His eyes grew a little bigger, but held a still blank look.

"Huh, you are right. There is a girl there... How did I walk by her without even noticing I will never know. Come on Abomination, lets continue walking."

He mumbled and turned around, stumbling even more creepily as his body should have fallen over several times, but some how randomly contorted itself to keep from hitting the ground. The demon however still hadn't removed it's gaze on the girl, and for the first time since the fight finally stopped talking to Koko.

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Lucy Cobaltienne
Lucy reminisced about her past for a short moment, before she focused on the here and now. To keep herself in prime condition, the huntress always took the time to find a nice, peaceful spot, and meditate. How long would she usually do this? As long as it took for her to find some form of center within herself. That could easily have taken anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour, sometimes even more, if she was feeling particularly off some days. There was always something that helped her attain a sense of zen. A singular word and a singular sound which echoed off the walls of her mind. Yes, Lucy assigned herself that goal for the day... If she hadn't felt the ominous presence.

A presence that was rather dark, akin to a demon, soiled the wind with its presence alone. It carried a stench that riddled "bad omen," and yet the student found herself there. Her curiosity burned brighter than any form of fear, not that she ever felt that on a genuine level, but if she had, her will to know what it was and if she could study, or kill it, would have easily bested that fear. It was a fault all on its own and she cursed herself on the inside for being so simple in that regard.

Her head had creaked over in the direction in which the figures approached. Did she know where they were? Yeah, after all, she knew everything. Thus, she didn't move and simply awaited that encounter. Her persistent, trademark smile had never once left Lucy's lips...

"Never once before have I felt something quite so ominous. This is on par with a greater grimm... Stronger than a taijutu for the mere fact that it's... Sentient. Not to say that grimm aren't sentient, but THIS is different. The winds only speak ill of this creature and yet, I bet it's a beauty all on its own." There was a bit of a back and forth between her mind and her instincts. Many times over, her instincts coincided with her rational thinking and this was one of those times.

And then she saw them, then and there! A man who was practically, no, literally in shambles. The scent of intoxication carried itself on the wind, but was expertly hidden by that gorgeous presence Lucy laid her eyes on. It was like yin and yang, the man who was a complete wreck, held together by that thing which had a firm grip over his body and soul. That easily reminded her of a certain someone that held her heart in oh so many ways, yet their relationship contrasted heavily compared to this one. Or did it...? For once, the huntress hadn't an immediate answer for something right in front of her. And that flipped her switch in an instant. Her smile widened into a grin.

The man had stumbled off but that black silhouette which grew eyes, hadn't once left her own gaze. A single red eye, stared deep into those cold orbs which shot back at her.

"My, oh my..." Lucy started, her hands had came down to her hips and she popped them out to one side. "You are one wretched soul, aren't you?" Her voice came gentle, inquisitive, not at all condescending despite how that inquiry sounded. Polite, she carried herself with confidence and lightened her grin into a smile. How'd the two react to that question? Who would think it referred to them first? All of that and more were questions Lucy sought answers to immediately.

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Koko Hanazusaki
The spirit watched the girl, every move she made the eyes watched intently, looking at her as much as she looked at them. Koko seemingly stopped dead in his tracks, the stumbling went away and he stood like a statue. The spirit itself listened to the words, and from the ghastly head a creepy, grotesque smile appeared on its face. The mouth itself looked like it was eating the light around it, and as the girl finished talking the spirit grabbed Koko's head and seemingly snapped it to look at her. The body turned around slowly after, and the blank look on Koko's face turned stone cold like a killer.

"I do certainly hope you are talking about this... Monstrosity latched on to my very sub-conscious. If that's the case, then the answer is yes. Well, either direction the answer is still yes..."

The head slightly turned to Koko's ear, whispering inaudible whispers that sounded like a cluster of voices constantly screaming like a room full of tortured victims. Koko nodded and took his sword, slicing off just a little bit of his skin and held it up, and the figure swallowed it whole.

"You are always hungry for flesh aren't you... Yeah yeah I'll never hear the end of letting that deer go, I don't care if she would have tasted like venison, she fought fair and square. The little fox? I don't even remember what happened in that time span... You don't either? What good are you, foul demon."

He spoke, which was a mistake, because she made a terrifying scream in his ear, one that could have caused him to go deaf if he wasn't her host. He grabbed his ears, cringing with a look of irritation.

"Really? You had to scream in my ear like a child? You are the one who forgot, that's not my fault."

He snapped back at the demon. It seemed to look at the girl more intently, almost trying to figure her out. Koko tried moving but she latched onto him and forced him in place which happened to cause immense pain because she wasn't exactly the gentle type. You could see several points of her could be fingers digging through his skin because blood was leaking like he got shot, and Koko didn't seem to be all too crazy about it. If you looked at him, it looked like he died until he adjusted his colorless sight on the girl. He couldn't tell what color her skin was, her eye was, or basically anything. Shades of gray ever since he could remember, but what disturbed him was the level of intensity that grew with every second, every breath, every sway in the leaves. Until it decided to whisper back in his ear.

"Do you really care what her name is, you just want to eat her anyways, and I'll take the blame for it as always."

Again came it's scream, this time more directed into his ear to he point it started bleeding.

"Jesus Christ! I get it! Stop! Screaming!"

He shouted at the figure, and it closed its mouth. It was easy to tell she wasn't pleased with his retaliation and with that she took control of his limbs. That nasty blade he carried was forced into his chest by his own hand, and blood poured out his mouth. The more blood that came out, the black smoke got thicker, and once the blade was pulled out the wound immediately sealed and healed. A pained noise came from Koko, and the beast beside him seemed to cackle ever so softly.

"It... Wants to know your name. I don't see why, but for some god damn reason it's intent with holding me here until I answer it's questions. So what's your name... And.... What are you doing out here all by yourself. And you, you black bastard, you ever impale me again so help me I will get an exorcism done while you sleep."

The spirit hadn't found that last little bit funny, but she didn't respond. With the newly built up smoke she formed legs that touched the ground, and wrapped her arms around his right arm wielding the sword. It must have tried making itself look more human, because in Koko's eyes Abomination started looking just a bit like the girl in front of him. He thought to himself how he ever got in this situation to begin with, not the possession but being out in the woods tortured by a psychopathic little monster. As he awaited the girls response he broke out the flask and this time started sipping on it every few seconds, knowing full well that his time in the woods was going to hurt.

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Angelina Luna

Angelina Luna

Reeling back from putting that doe in her place, she immediately rushed home to take a shower and plot out her next moves. The warm water running along her lush ivory curves. Nothing compared to her sister of course, but her curves were exquisite. Her hand stayed along her chin as she pondered whispering to herself.

"This doe could actually prove useful... Her strength is something I do not have in my tool box."

The ivory empress continued pondering to herself before exiting the shower and getting ready. She ran into her sister who was still unpacking her things within the cramped room and before her sister could breath out a pampering request, she immediately began regaling her story of the ursa she defeated and remarked on merlynn's brute strength. Wielding an 8 ft. sword like it was nothing, Angelina had to give credit where credit was due, but she sounded horrendously unimpressed as she lacked grace and her attacks were brutish at best.

She told her sister that she needed certain fruits to continue making her sugar cube recipe while interjecting within her own story. She mentioned how she then froze the young doe because she turned her back on the snowy allure that was Angelina. Once they were in public her childlike, almost, humane sister like excitement in her story was immediately hushed and brought to a silence. It was night and day, continuing her story in a colorlessness manner as they began to approach the forest.

This time not wearing her battle gear outside of her rapier and satchel but instead wearing something akin to a high fashion long white dress that cloaked over her entire form, customized with a shoulder card for her dominant arm in which she wielded Noblesse Oblige:
Beauty Pt. 1 (Open for roleplay) Jx3uEja

She continued to talk to her sister, despite her tone being so stony, she was quite happy to have her sister back as she was her only family. Big sister, mother, best friend, she could only be comfortable around her sister. Even wearing this dress was solely because she knew her sister enjoyed high fashion, so she decided to wear it as they traversed the forest because she knew it'd please her.

As she began plucking strawberries from the tree, while talking to her sister, she hushed Annushka for a moment just to hear the familiar sound of impalement. She thought to herself, "A Grimm attack... here?" she thought such before taking quick whiffs of the air, "No.. just the scent of humans.. Mundanes... Better make sure no one dies on school grounds. My sister could benefit from this." She motioned toward her sister to follow with haste as even with the long flowing dress, Angelina glided with a particular grace along the forest as if she was skating above the earth itself.

Once they arrived to the scene, they were several feet away from the three individuals. A long haired female human who held a familiar grace to that of her own and a man who smelled of... booze. "Tsk" she sucked her teeth in disgust before seeing his own impalement, she quirked a brow at the man before seeing a shadowy figure behind him, clutching the blade and the man quite tightly and the female watching with a smile.

Angelina unsheathed her rapier assuming that this creature was just the woman's Semblance, the man was already coated in the scent of blood and death, clearly looking as if he's being defeated. She missed the majority of the conversation but if there was battle to be had she was ready as she cautiously approached them both, one hand within her satchel and the other gripping her rapier.

She was no hero, but she couldn't have random deaths along the campus as that would cause complications. She glanced over to her sister in acceptance before eyeing them both and the shadow that took the woman's appearance. "This is your only warning or be slain. Release the man." her tone as callous as cold as ever, with her sanguine orbs matching the color of the man's blood she brought her rapier in front of her form, only standing 30 feet from them now. Of course this was all an assumption, the man's back as to them at an angle so she didn't see the wound was just a facade. She only went by her nose and the apparent situation. Hoping her sister would see to the situation more thoroughly.

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Annushka Luna
Life in the sequestered dorm room, it was always so dull, so humdrum. One always had quite vast amount of time to themselves. The vibrant rosy amaranth clad princess was now bored and slightly melancholy; to stay in the dorm for too long made her gloomy. Her crimson eyes shone with light flecks of pale gold, for to herself she tacitly played her song using her semblance the drum were slow and deliberate the electronic noise she could generate with them was all but absent. To be willing to do this truly she had nothing to else better to focus on. As she played her song she pale pastel clothing carefully and deliberately. Her attire was her pride and joy, for she loved her clothing more than she like most people. It was not until her sister enter the room that the light of an exciting prospect flickered in her mind. She could totally use her sister to troll for some more tantalizing company. Tossing a blouse to the ground in front of her she attempted to begin the lengthy process of explaining to her sister why she need her help to get a small party in their dorm going. Quickly and abruptly her sister preempted an interjection before she could even begin.

The young moon colored maiden described what she had seen what had occurred between her and their other roommate. She made a point to explain how strong and useful the slightly older woman was to them and their purposes. She seemed unimpressed in some instances but she had a clear joy in her retelling. This was all well and good, a invigorating tale of battle, and of new acquaintances was interesting enough to keep her attention and to relieve some boredom. She rather coyly added in that they needed to gather certain fruits to continue making the families super sweet sugar cube recipe. “We” meant that they would have to venture out together. “Certain Fruits” meant they would have to search the surrounding woods themselves… Though she loved these sugar cubes she hated the woods and hated hiking. Any other day the lazy queen of leisure would have asked that they maybe put it off. Sadly though she had very little to do currently so she might as well do with for her sister  and gain some favor which could be cashed in for future requests. As they prepared to make their journey her sister continued her story but as always she became less animated and far more demure in public.

The verdant green of the forest enveloped miles and miles of the land stealing the horizon from view; it was the worst possible place to be. Though her heels said give me six inches of space the forest would not relent it seethed around her angry attempting to drag her into the muck. Each labored clumsy step was harder than the last. Stumbling and tripping through the underbrush the rose clad venison vixen raged against nature. The leaves crackled in rebellion of her very presence, for they rued the evil that was her plastic soul. Sighing and grunting the lady slammed her lavender claws into a tree in front of her and used it to yank her voluptuous body forward. Skin tight mauve pencil skirt, and cream colored peplum  blouse, and all she was horribly dressed for the occasion a hike through the woods would call for boots jeans and maybe a jacket. ”Who invented trees…BURN down the lot of them I say” as she crawled forward at a snail’s pace. Hesitant about their plans she continued on ward. “You know little one I hate this place. We had better find these fruits quickly or I fear the cat sized insects will dev…”. As she spoke out her sister seemed to pick up on something. She lifted her arm and urgently gestured for collective silence. Angie’s senses were always more acute than her own. Hopefully she smelled the fruit they needed.

There one second and gone the next her sister skated above the forest underbrush as if she could simply glide just above the ground. Any resistance the voluptuous princess of pastel had her sister did not and she did not hide that fact. Kicking off her six inch glorious peep toe glittered one inch platformed  pump, gave her some increase mobility but due to the fact that her pencil skirt did not allow her to widen her gait it was not quit the same amount as her sister. Coming upon the scene It was quite the strange sight to behold what the hell was going on a woman a man and what appeared to be a living shadow stood before them. The man was bleeding or at least it seemed that way. Being a field medic Annushka sought to provide some aid to the man before them. But before that she would get the beat going. An electronic rhythm hymn blared out as Annushka eyes took on a golden glow as she maneuvered Ophanim’s grace around her waist and began gyrating with the beat. When the drums came in the young dancer prepared her wind dust. Calling out ”When the beat drops you will drop”  she was now invigorated…today would not be a complete.  She did not really want take the time to figure out the situation. Assuming Angie was going to fight made her prep for the fight and not for an explanation of the events that lead to this. Protection of Angie was her top priority followed by maybe being a medic when Angie was in no danger. With no clan left besides her younger sister, the paisley social butterfly sought to ensure she was not last member of clan Luna.

Annushka's music:

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Lucy Cobaltienne
Lucy didn't answer the tormented man and didn't once grow the slightest bit fazed at his gaze. The question was meant for both of them, for they were both wretched in their own regard, yet that's what completed them. The two were meant for each other, like some sort of monstrous couple that could only feed one another. Her thoughts on this only organized themselves further, as the man continued to talk and the shadow react. Of course, that shadow in of itself was something Lucy had the ability to view quite well. Her smile widened at the image.

She had remembered what her mother wrote in those journals. The possibility of it being seen with her own eyes astounded her. Possession. A phenomenon that is not necessarily far-fetched considering the world they lived in. Every legend and urban myth had an origin that was closer to the truth, more so than people realized anyways. This man and that thing which bore its ghastly claws into his body, stood as a living testament to the fact paranormal activity existed. But to exist in this magnitude? The winds cried around this creature as they slowly decayed, for its sheer presence was something that attempted to sunder one's connection to their rational thoughts, and inject a figuratively lethal amount of primal emotions into one's being. Lucy wasn't completely immune to this but her training allowed her to staunch the flow of negative influences from such a creature.

Lucy had never once taken her singular crimson eye off the shade, nor its host. But one thing they likely wouldn't have noticed, was how the huntress sized them up almost immediately. From the way the man walked, to the injuries he sported before their conversation, that grotesque blade which must have enjoyed its own filth, showed just how dynamic this relationship was. The host was likely a shattered husk of who he once was, as the air picked up heavy traces of alcohol. Death surrounded him and she wagered to herself that he'd want to have his pain end... But the demon wouldn't like that, she thrived off of his pain and misery, even enjoyed causing it herself. Yes, herself. Lucy identified it as an older appearing female almost immediately. Her eye mostly never lied.

The chestnut-brown haired woman allowed them to continue their back and forth. The way they bickered had her thoroughly amused. It was like watching a husband and wife argue over something as trivial as what sort of cereal to buy for the house. That notion caused her to giggle to herself, but she hadn't for a moment, dropped the fact that the two of them are high risk threats, that are likely to attack if properly provoked. The man's earlier response to her question proved that much. What else asserted her point? Let's try the fact the man self-impaled himself upon his own blade. Scarlet wine gushed all over the place and in mental admittance, flipped another switch in Lucy's psyche. That was hot. But what astounded her further about the pair, was how the man easily healed his own fatal wound. Was that him who did though? No, that demon had more power over him than he did over his own bowel movements.

Once more, screams came from this beast, but it didn't affect Lucy all that much. Her smiling gesture remained on her features and she awaited the moment when the two would focus their attention fully on her. Which they did. Legs formed on the shade and she appeared more "human" at this point. Excellent. It inquired about her but the man spoke as the middle ground between them. However, rather than speak to him directly, she opened her mouth and would prepare an answer for the demon.

"I feel honored such a figure of beauty wishes to inquire about myself." She said with a light giggle. "As for my name, you may call me-" Before her name could be spoken, an interruption occurred.

Slowly, ever so slowly, her gaze had turned away from the demon and towards the two newcomers. Her crimson eye, chestnut-brown hair whose fringe covered her other orb, and that genuinely gentle smile, greeted the others.

They were beautiful. The one who pointed her rapier towards her, dressed in what appeared to be rather regal attire, fitted with an arm-guard, displayed the grace, royalty, and preparation for battle that Lucy picked up on. Pale beauties, the both of them, almost identical in appearance save for the younger and older features, tipped the huntresses off as sisters. After all, their dress styles were similar, yet one went for the more social gathering outfit, rather than a practical one that favored nature over fashion.

"My, oh my... Did I miss the beauty memo or is this forest magical? So many gorgeous and powerful figures here today. Pray..." Her voice trailed off momentarily. "You don't believe that I am causing that man harm, do you? Can you not tell that my aura isn't even active?" Lucy asked the rapier-wielder. The other hadn't said anything, but gyrated her hips in a fluid, tantalizing manner. They were skilled fighters, that much was for certain. "Anyways, how about you two join us? I was talking to the soul which has possessed this man before your arrival and introductions were just about to be said. Seeing as I was inquired about first, I'll oblige all four of you." The young lady's voice came, calm, composed, and maybe even happy? She took a light bow to them all and slowly raised her head. Had they noticed anything, it'd be the fact she never once drew her weapon. "Lucy Cobaltienne. Pleasure to meet you all, which brings me to my next question. May I have the names for each of you?"

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Koko Hanazusaki
Odd, how exquisitely odd, more or less off putting. An albino doe, who's looks were wasted on his color blind eyes, happened to show up and attempt to assert dominance. For his assistance! Dominance wasted on his sorry excuse of a life, wasted emotion on a husk! Comical! This however didn't aid him, in fact it made everything worse. As amused as the beast beside him was, she wanted to see what kind of chaos she could really cause.

She lifted her hand up to the tip of Koko's neck, and dragged her nails across his back. Blood soaked through his clothes, and out came more smoke that built up into the spirit, making her more full instead of just see through smoke. The wounds though healed quickly, not even leaving behind the most minimal of scar tissue. Koko, cringing from the level of pain looked to the doe and had a bit of a chuckle.

"I'd certainly take you up on that offer to be slain Miss.... I don't even know your name. It would help me more that it would trying to fight an ever so innocent, or maybe not so innocent girl who isn't doing anything or has done anything wrong. I do say that you are wasting your time on trying to aid me, I'm already dead. The only reason I'm allowed to live, to exist, is to spill blood. Yours, hers, whom ever. So, Princess, you'd have a much better reaction impaling me in the skull than you would her. Because when I'm sober I'm not the most...."

He paused, looking for the next set of words to finish his sentence while vaguely not giving any detail.

"Lovable individual."

He spoke quietly and peaceful, using as much body motion as the thing holding him would let him. She started letting him have free range, and with that he started walking, where? He had no clue. Then, out of nowhere, music. The sudden sound of music confused him until he used his lack of perception to see another doe.

'How the hell did I overlook you? You came from the same direction as the other... Oh... how my mind is slowly fading.'

He thought, and then the spirit finally took her eyes off the dark haired girl. She picked up his left hand and pulled off the glove, then began to eat the skin off his fingers like a chicken wing. The look on Koko's face was all but pleasant, and watched as she started growing facial features. His brain wasn't focused on her though, it was the music. He was going insane from the sound, enough to twitch severely. The sound was much more loud as his sense of sight faded, and it was slowly becoming a noise related torture.

'Stop the music... Stop the bloody music!'

He thought as he chomped down on his right hand's glove and pulled it off with his teeth and forced the metal finger into his ear hole to try and escape the sound. He folded over just a bit, his eye twitching as he turned to look at the doe sisters, the older looking one seemed to be having a different focus, she was looking at the albino. Then his brain started clicking. The clothes, the way they carried themselves, these girls were of some kind of royalty.

He was normally good with figuring out names as, yes, he was slightly into knowing such things but the mixture of intoxication and music prevented most thoughts. All through the noise though... He heard her laugh. Not the demon, the one with the darker shade of gray for hair. He looked up at her, his pained expression gone.

"I wouldn't laugh. You are only gonna-"

He tried to speak before getting cut off by the sudden chomping down of the demons teeth on his fingers. She was eating the bones like crunchy chips, effortlessly biting them apart. She was amused at this girl laughing at the two of them, and she herself mimicked the girls giggle. You could hear the next pained sigh from Koko, he knew the demon had picked up on the interest of the girl to the sudden impalement and healing.

"Make everything worse for me... Thanks... I take it you want a drink then D? Fine, so be it. Just know I hate you more and more every day."

Koko lifted his fine arm by himself, brought the blade to his throat, and slit from ear to ear. As quickly as it flowed out the beast drank, and drank, and drank until, it become a full beautiful figure.

Beauty Pt. 1 (Open for roleplay) Demongirl_by_daemonstar-d7o6obr

As she consumed enough of his blood she took her index finger and ran it across the wound, and watched as it bubbled, seared, and sealed. Again, no scar tissue as Koko coughed up the remaining blood in his throat. The demon made the same giggle as the girl again, enjoying the little praise and attention as her host didn't give her much of either. She whispered into his ear, and he sighed once again.

"She said she likes the praise. Though I don't see why anyone would praise this torturous devilish bit-"

He got cut off by a sudden clenching, she held his forearm in both hands tighter than before, nearly snapping the bone as you could hear slight popping. He looked into her eyes with a look of tiredness, she kept a blank face then went back on to munching on his hand.

"What. You are, ever since we got out in this hell hole you've been a brat. Hell I'm not going to praise you or call you beautiful, you are literally nothing to me. A vice clamping me to this... Pitiful world. I hate you, with every fiber of my being I exquisitely and deeply hate you. You could possibly be the biggest hinder on my death besides that... I'm not even going to go on about that woman. The she devil, the only thing worse than you. Only thing she ever gave me worth that nightmare was my beautiful little..."

The clench came back along with a blank look that changed to a slight glare with a hint of sadness. Koko scowled with a look of hatred at her, and she didn't make eye contact with him again. The beast turned her head to stare at the doe, and went back to whispering to him without looking at him. Needless to say she wasn't happy.

"No you can't eat those deer either. Bad enough that fit little piece of Venison cracked my jaw and several of my teeth. That little pixie haired bastard has a mean kick."

He muttered, talking of Merlynn the all powerful little doe. The next thing he heard over the music was the woman's name, followed by a question. He tilted his head, looking to the monster as she whispered into his ear.

"Lucy Cobaltienne. Her name is Delissia, but I call her Abomination because that's all she really is. A nasty Abomination."

He spoke, avoiding giving any of them his name because in all essence how long did he really have to live anyways. As the beast took her mouth away, she licked the open wounds on Koko's hands and the fingers grew back bone and all. He took this as a time to go, and pulled the beast away to walk further into the forest to avoid the music, the people, and anything else that came. But then Delissia stopped him, and whispered into his ear. He activated his Aura and was upon Lucy in seconds from how far away he was.

"I'm gonna regret letting this happen but-"

He says as he spirit lets go of his arm and clamps her hands on Lucy's head, licking from her cheek, across her eye, to her forehead (Breath would smell like a light iron smell).

"I'm not even going to say why she did that."

Koko speaks as he struts off, the demon latched back onto his left living forearm as they started putting distance between the girls.

Aura -10 = 110

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Angelina Luna

Angelina Luna

Magic? Possession? Demonic farces? None of this was of any interest to Angelina as she peered over to her ivory sister with a crimson orb before returning her gaze to the two individuals. The female was still.. too calm watching a man mutilate himself even if the wounds were regenerating. And then her explanation was... lack luster at best. "Aura activation is different from individual to individual. Yours could just be subtle..." she trailed off almost as if she was reciting from a text book before the man began speaking again, requesting death, it seemed. She wasn't above such but she saw his words as veiled threats and as such a seeping black smoke began rising off of Angelina's form before she extended her hand outward to the two.

She didn't care for their shenanigans or their conversation but after hearing him state that the figure behind him can't 'eat the deer' either was immediately taken with hostile intent. Her scarlet orbs glinted sanguine as her aura began to cloak to her hand and fingertips. "There'll be no consumption today.. fool!" she exclaimed before releasing a hail of lustrous bolts at the man. Despite it's clear obsession with the man, the shadowy figure wasn't actually hurting him it seemed. She figured this was her semblance as her mind only dealt with facts, not the supernatural. This could've been some sort of ruse, especially if the other female was speaking truth. Yet, her role was undecided by Angelina, she still decided to take care of this clearly schizophrenic male. The eight bolts would arc and dance from her fingertips, homing into the man's position as the faintest glints of aura could be seen rushing toward the man.

Her posture as always kept its regal smugness, not as if she was attempting to be better, but for her it was a fact, she was the best. Her form was that of someone who uses her Semblance in combat often, taking a much more hostile but defensive stance. Her face was intense as if she had focused all of her attention at what was to come, her poise was definitely nothing to ignore. If this man's semblance was this creature, surely it'll either defend him or attack in some way. Her other hand was placed along her hip, hovering her rapier to react to any immediate counter attacking. She used this moment to also see the woman's allegiances at the creature would attempt to grab her skull before returning to the man's arm. He was going to attempt to leave? No, he would stay right there. He did want death, afterall. Something about this didn't sit right with the smaller of the Luna sisters, but she would see that a direct approach would be best. She would worry about the repercussions fighting on school grounds for later.

(OOC: Semblance Attack :: 20 Damage/-20 Aura :: Attempting to Freeze)

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Annushka Luna

The gorgeous dark haired woman before the two sisters was quite calm considering what they were all viewing a man sat as a shadowy figure devoured him piece by piece only for them to regenerate seconds later. Her manners were impeccable Which was in itself unnerving. Why was she so polite and tranquil? What did she know? What the hell was she doing here? .The man seemed to jerk and twitch as she increased the volume. Maybe he was hoping the music would stop, but it would not the reckless dance had already begun. Gyrating her full child bearing hips and wiggling her luscious full tits, the young woman writhed to the thunderous drum line. And as she moved her weapon of choice the rounded razor like Ophanim’s grace. There were no demons there were no ghosts there was no here after. The worst fate any of us could face was not some type of hell being tortured for all eternity, it was instead violent death the dark abyss that met us all when we closed our eyes. Everything had a logical explanation there was no way there a demon standing next to that man. A demon did not just touch Lucy…this was all one or both of their semblances together no other solution presented themselves. She would go with this and as she came to this conclusion se heard Angie spurt the same thing. They were on the same accord without the need to discuss it. There would be no eating this night, the bag of crazy the man before them was attempting to open would only result in him catching a swift and merciless beating.

Angie then sprang to the offensive she summoned forth her bitter hungering chilled semblance and issued a frosty nonverbal rebuttal to the man and his words. She shot forth eight sparkling cold bolts at the man, and as always her form was spectacular even in the face this uncanniness. She would as always move to complement her sister and unleash her own barrage upon him. Digging her left foot in the blonde doe planted herself and dug in. She like the hammer of a pistol was cocked and ready to blow. Flicking a switch on her weapon she prepped dust preparing to tare through the man his semblance demon and possibly Lucy if she made that necessary. With the switch flicked all she had to do was spin maneuvering the Hula Hoop like blade to her mid-section, the Golden haired vixen then as if a slave to the beat she shot forward as the drum blared and the electronic melody blazed on. If Angie was fighting she would fight. For she vowed to stand beside Angie right or wrong, through thick and through thin. She was the only family she had left at this point and she valued that immensely.  This thought ran through her mind yes, but she was not above grand standing. The world was a stage and she was the star of her own story. She would upstage everyone with her incredible acrobatic prowess and snatch the spotlight with her magnificent star power.

Flinging her soft supple form forward toward the man and his demon semblance thing she flew through spinning with great speed, and grace, and poise. Planting her for left foot into the underbrush bellow she prepped her attack she would fling her body through the air but this time she would attempt to get her body horizontal to the ground and her mid-section lined up to where the man was stand this way she could use the rotating blade to create a narrow column a wicked sharp air and fling it in his direction. The aim of the attack would be to bisect the man vertically into two perfectly symmetrical halves. The column of air whipped forward hissing tearing through the underbrush and shredding blue leaves and vegetation in a straight path toward her perceived foe. Landing on all fours she was prepped for her next attack she would spring forward and tare his abdomen from his chest. Hopping up and spinning again she this time she simply rotated in place unleashing two arcing crescents of hardened crisp air. These two blades made from air would swing in one from the man’s right the other from his left, with the intention of crashing into one another upon meeting at his current position. Landing once more the blonde braced herself. And begin dancing to the beat of her theme sound once more almost not missing a single beat.

“SugarCube It’s a shame He won’t last long enough to dance with us” she exclaimed gleefully as she turned her gaze and glanced at her sister still posing with an air of regality. She always thought she was so prim so proper…until she got heated then other would see her sisters true face.

(OOC Three Dust based; dust damage formula(Spt X 5 + Dust rank X 10) 5x5+1x10=35 35x3=105 max damage for the three attacks)

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Lucy Cobaltienne
Now that was a rather unexpected move done by the demon, Delissia. Her head was easily gripped and she felt as though her life were about to end in that moment, however, instead of being crushed she was licked. Now, one would have cringed and shrieked, followed by attacking the young man and demoness thereafter, much like those sisters who came in with their assaults. Wait, Lucy had to attend to that. To her dismay, the young woman simply patted the demonic spirit on the cheek, smiled up at her, and used the other hand to motion for them to go. "Delissia, love, our conversation will have to be held for a different time. Go, I don't want you or your host getting hurt, so flee and I'll handle this."

She had said and left it up to those two. It was up to them whether or not they wanted to stick around, but as for her? The Cobaltienne wasn't going to allow the situation to escalate any further. A couple of smooth steps forward and the young woman appeared to want to take the brunt of every attack that came there way. Her ever persistent smile remained on her lips and with the activation of her aura, coupled with a nod of her head, a large dome of heated wind sprouted forth.

Within the time frame of the attacks being shot forth, their travel, followed by their eventual and estimated impact points, Lucy had been able to analyze that within seconds. It was such a sorrowful thing to have to prepare for, because they had gotten so into the beat, especially the one with the bodacious appearance. Despite her physical beauty, the way how she moved and writhed alongside her partner and kept to the same ever present beat was just... Gorgeous. The huntress could see why an opponent would lose to her. To be lost in her dance-like movements was something that any creature, even a grimm, could have had happened to them. Unfortunately for them, though, Lucy couldn't be lost in the beauty of the fight.

Besides the rhythm and dance, there was the posture and that stance, to which the other had. Lucy designated her as, "the Leader," or "the Leader known as, Sugarcube." That small note in her mind caused her to audibly giggle before anything else. Sugarcube had that air which told her opponents that she had tasted combat all too much before. This is exactly why the brunette chose to step in. Against a man who is already shattered and begging for death, but not really just that, a possessed and broken man? No, death wasn't for him. The supernatural never worked quite that easily and the crimson-eyed woman had a hunch about what may have happened, should that man fall in battle. As such, in order to preserve the beauties that lied within the two doe faunus, the man, and Delissia, she had to act as a mediator.

Lucy was able to identify the different types of projectiles that came toward them. Ice and a standard wind dust were shot out in an attempt to cause harm. Thus, with her know how, she created an opposing forth of extremely heated wind to melt and block the ice semblance flat out, while the wind slashes clashed with brutal, dominant gale force winds that the brunette created, and hopefully snuffed out. This whipped up the foliage, displaced any and all loose objects around them and likely wrinkled, dirty, and otherwise messed up the clothing of those outside of it.

"Come now, you two. Why do you respond with such aggression so suddenly? Clearly the man meant no harm and is even trying to protect the both of you." Despite the wind which whipped up a storm and would have likely blocked out any other voices, Lucy's came out vibrant and on top. Politely, calmly, she'd speak to these two and try to get them to lay down their weapons. That wall wouldn't go down until they did. "Plus, when you make such a ruckus, it muddies your natural beauty and I can't have that. What do you two say to a truce, for now? You can even beat upon my body, if that'll satisfy your lust for battle." She stated and simply smiled, as that wind wall was maintained.

Delissia and the man had the ability to freely leave, the semblance wouldn't dare hurt the two.

(Semblance usage/Utility: 10-150= 140 AP)

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Koko Hanazusaki
Koko had realized all to quickly his words weren't the wisest choice, and as the attacks sprung out he socked Delissa, causing her explode into a haze of smoke that entered his mouth, nose, and eyes. He then did something unexpected, which at the time should have set off a massive flag of danger. He didn't run from the attacks, he didn't even budge, instead he walked towards them, open arms ready to accept the attack that never came. He didn't dare close his eyes as the attacks closed in but were quickly swept away in a wall of wind from the girl Delissia licked.

The sound of the music semblance became too much from the eldest sister and he ended up unlocking two ligaments off his prosthetic and stuffed the ear holes. A temporary fix until it stopped, and as he collected himself he looked to the girl who just fully backed him up. He already figured it wasn't for him, it was because what was consuming him. He had a near menacing look on his face, which wasn't intended because of the whole Resting B**** Face going on.

"Huh, I see how you rich girls work. You two wouldn't risk a business deal by speaking out if someone says something you don't like but because I'm in the forest and the option is a 2v1 you two loose your cool. Greatest part is you, Snowflake, have enough audacity in you to use your semblance on a drunk person? Actually it isn't even the eldest of you two, it's you... 'Sugarcube'... you have some underlying anger."

He spoke, looking over to the girl who actually made it possible to speak to them now. He cringed just a tad, but he forced himself to say two words he hasn't spoken together in over 5 years. He was very calm, and in the most professional manner as he could, said-

"Thank you."

He spoke, and looked back to the sisters. He then spoke out again, ready to dumbfound the youngest sister.

"So you think that was my aura, that that little figment holding onto me like a puppet was a semblance huh? You see hers, it's wind. Wind can't create images like that. You want to know what my semblance is? It's an Area Of Effect semblance, in which you are way out of range from because I am the center of the effect. In fact the girl blocking your attacks is the only one close enough to be affected, and if you aren't as blind as I am you could see I don't have mine active. If I did, she'd be puking and stumbling all over the place unable to defend me because her motor skills would be trashed."

He spoke, smirking.

"Hell, do you really think if I had intent to harm you that I wouldn't just get close enough to use my semblance, destroy your and your sister whom I'm not even mad at at this moment in time's motor skills, and then attack? I'm drunk, I'm a drunk, as intoxicated as I am do you really think I would try something so stupid?"

He spoke and yawned softly, fluttering his tired eyes and tilted his head. He was more bothered by Snowflakes aggressive 'hot to trot' fight or flight mode. He stared at the girl, then it started clicking. He knew who they were, he had read about them, seen information on them from Ad's, and as he came to he realization he started waving a finger at them.

"The Luna sisters. That's who you are."

He spoke, and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a pack of gum and tossed a few sticks into his mouth to kiss the stench of alcohol on his breath, and looked to Lucy, then Annushka.

"Would either of you like a stick of gum? It's juicy fruit."

He spoke, any bright person would notice he started forgetting the situation. He came back to reality for a moment and looked back to snowflake.

"If someone says something you don't like and you attack them, that's still assault. If someone tries to harm you and you fight back its self defense, last I checked. So you might want to brush up on your law enforcement before you decide to do something like attacking someone in public to ruin your perfect little image that everyone seems to think of you."

He chuckled softly, pulling out a cigarette and sparked it up, then began taking drags off it. After a few drags he moved his cigarette to his hand, and looked up at the girl. He said something almost inaudible under his breath, which should have been inaudible to anyone but Lucy because of her semblance as he looked from the girl to her eldest sister.

"Must be nice having a family that actually cares. Over privileged deer brat..."

He mumbled, and looked to Lucy as she had covered him so far.

"Lucy Cobaltienne, I'm going to warn you right now I'm not a good person, but I owe you a favor no matter what it is but choose very carefully what you would like first, and I will not bother you with my shattered rudeness while I'm sober. I'm a piece of crap but atleast I have morals. Some morals... Now, as you protected me, I figure I could do the same if peace isn't what will be happening right now. I'm drunk, not useless."

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Angelina Luna

Angelina Luna

Angelina saw Lucy giggle and her sanguine orbs flashed as she took it as a sign of disrespect but as soon as she felt the conflicting breeze from Lucy, Angelina could confirm two things, the 'spectre' was clearly not of her own abilities and that Lucy's power was wind. The warmth from it slightly confused Angelina as her lasers flew directly through it, aiming for Koko but pelting Lucy instead. Angelina couldn't help but smirk at the woman's assumptions as her form was frozen in place.

"I would rather not do battle with such a transparent person." she stated in a slightly smug tone, but it was much more calmer than before as the black oozing aura began to recede back into her body. She also caught a glimpse of her sister's volley and she was quite impressed with her sister's Ferocity out the gate, but that is why she loved her.

She glanced at her ivory comrade and just chuckled a bit at both Lucy and Koko. "He hasn't defended anyone, he's bumbling around with a summoning he clearly has no control over." her voice was so matter of fact, it as clear that the super natural had no place in Angelina's mind.

Then the man started running his mouth, which was annoying at first but listening to both his assumptions and his complete explanation of how his aura and semblance worked just sent Angelina in a giggle fit. Both her arms tucked around her stomach as she keeled over in a fit of laughter. The giggling to borderline cackling was almost like a murderer's as tears swelled up in her eyes. She stopped momentarily to both clear her throat and wipe her eyes before looking to her sister.

"This man, he thinks we are rich! H-he thinks we have some sort of immaculate appearance!"
her voice almost stifled by laughter before she continued turning back to them fully while keeping her rapier at the ready, but lowering her form from an aggressive one to a passive one. Angelina's rising anger was diverted by the coupled efforts of the woman's wind wall attempt and the man's idiotic notions. Her laughter muted most of the rest of his dialogue as she kept giggling almost uncontrollably to herself as if she was at a professional circus act. A smile of pure entertainment rolled along her face while she faced them, keeping note of her full name from the man while she awaited in her posture.

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15Beauty Pt. 1 (Open for roleplay) Empty Re: Beauty Pt. 1 (Open for roleplay) on Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:25 pm

Annushka Luna
Lucy had a powerful semblance that was no doubt…but it was clear she did not understand the nature of Luna semblances. She giggled but was quickly frozen in place by the Luna light show. Her smile was haphazard she attempted to remain calm cool and collected at all times, but it did not matter Annushka  would not be lulled into a false sense of sense of security. The fact that she was fine with whatever this situation was meant she was either a moonstruck loon, or she had larger a part to play in this lunacy than she was letting on. How could anyone not see this situation as threatening? There is a semblance talking about eating people, and eating the person using it and she sat there allowed it to touch her. This situation was at this point beyond control. Any normal person would not be this calm in the face of such uncanny crimes against the natural order. Straining to keep the line between cold logical realistic world views, and reckless wild maddened rambling clear, the older luna fell back on what she knew. There was a threat she would keep her sister back and save from the threat. If Lucy wanted to make her now frozen self-part of that threat, then Annushka Luna now defacto head of Clan Luna would treat her as such. It was not her way to kill, but she knew Angie would be willing if the situation called for it. She would ardor her heart in the bulwark of the killing intent and deliver unto that end if necessity dictated. But before that she would take steps to prevent this from turning into a bloody mess. Basically ignoring Lucy’s word before her now frozen present. She began to raise her golden cloak of power. With her semblance active The music intensified to the point where it became hard to here other people talk, and Annushka was not trying to fight to hear them over the music.

“This Madness ceases now I tire of this Antediluvian trail, it tears at what is and what cannot be. As she spoke the back ground noise of the man talking to them now faded. His half crazed rambling would not deter her from summoning the fury of her heart. Still dancing the erratic nature of the song caused her movements to become wild and esoteric maneuvering through thought and emotion wit hdance. She would jive and move until the weirdness that was their situation dissolved in her self-righteous fury. Behind her Angie laughed manically as if something the debauched   man before them said was hilarious. It did not matter for in a moment none would be talking and none would attempt to try her grasp of the state the world. There was now after life…there were no demons…no angels…no devils. There were men and they were their own devils and made this world a hell, no more no less. And she was going to fight to keep that world view intact. This mans’ semblance summoning was dangerous he could not control it and she would take steps to control it for him with or without his consent. Raising her hands she reached into the sky still wiggling her hips to keep the ring twirling around her hips. The maven of malcontent was a rascal and mischievous but this tested her and dissolved her normal carefree attitude it was clear she was a tad intimidated by the concept of whatever mumbo-jumbo these people were trying to push “The Choir of Angels and the Reprisal of the Cherub!!!!!!!” Screeching at the top of her lungs she summoned forth both aspects of her semblance. She would heal whatever damage Lucy had received from her sister and then she would put the drunk moron top sleep.

The brilliant warm and wondrous glow of the golden doe’s all-encompassing aura became a large winged halo above her head which spawned round  golden orbs around her. These lights coalesced into three streams of light. The quickened phosphorescence bolted over Lucy’s crown and mingled until she too had a halo. This halo seemed to be creating lustrous condensation which rain down upon the brunette with the intention of easing her burdens healing her of her wounds. The rest of the golden doe’s wondrous illumination would fall into her up stretched hands and be transformed. The glorious incandescence erupted from her hands a four winged orbs with these she would put the drunk man to sleep and end this trip into the twilight zone. The orbs whizzed around her for a moment before Flying off in different directions around her. A moment later they surrounded the drunk man before attempted to collapse in and cause him to fall into a deep peaceful sleep. The purpose of her attack was not to deal any real damage, but she hoped him being slightly drunk would prevent him from being too mobile and stopping the attack. Lowering the music by force of will she muttered the words “Sleep now” before glancing over to her sister who was still laughing truly the sad man must have been very funny.

(OOC Angelic Chorus used -30 aura=+20 healing for Lucy)
(OOC Semblance Attack Cherubs Reprisal :: 4 Damage/-4 Aura :: Attempting to inflict sleep for KoKo)
(OOC 150-34= 116 aura left)

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16Beauty Pt. 1 (Open for roleplay) Empty Re: Beauty Pt. 1 (Open for roleplay) on Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:52 am

Lucy Cobaltienne
Everything had gone exactly how she had wanted it. Frozen and likely to be left alone with those two sisters, Lucy had expected that possessed man with Delissia, would have been long gone by now and she'd be able to have a chat with the girls. The excitement in her heart had pounded and she eagerly awaited what was to happen next. A little bit damage, plus being bound to where she currently stood was well worth it. Everything at that point had went as planned... But then... Then he just stood there. That man stood there and went on a rant, with several tangents, and then had the gall to turn his attention to her and began to spout off nonsense akin to a generic anime anti-villain. Lucy listened and just smiled, with that singular crimson eye of hers turned over to him.

"Riveting speech, honestly, it was beautiful... But kind sir, I did not just throw myself into harms way and get myself frozen, just so you can get on a soap box and preach. I create this opportunity for you to get the hell out of here and run. Now would you kindly do, before they attempt to kill you and I let them do it, out of the beauty of seeing your stupidity be your downfall?" Her words came at a normal, composed tone. One wouldn't be able to tell that she was greatly annoyed by this sudden irregular in her plot. Of course, by now, the winds had all died down and the man Delissia had infested now had his chances of running cut down by a severe amount. Technically, everything was out of her hands at that point (she's just using being frozen as an excuse) and turned her eye over to the faunus women. Her smile widened and she just managed the best shrug she could.

Eventually, the more filled out sister continued to gyrate her hips and become so very impassioned with her movements and ideals, that she let force her aura yet again. Whatever pain Lucy might have felt disappeared and she felt as though she was at tip-top shape again. Good. However, her eye alone couldn't necessarily discern what the orbs were going to do to that man. He was crippled, drunk, and so high up on that horse of his, that those things were going to knock him so far down. It was glorious. Deep down, the brunette wanted to eagerly chat with those young women and pick their brains. The huntress bit at her lower-lip slightly in anticipation and as such, mentally urged that whatever it is that was going to happen next could happen faster.

"Also, dear, you've seem to strike a specific chord in both of them... I'd suggest you run and run fast. Far away from here. You will return the favor when I call for it, because you owe me that much. Now do me the courtesy of leaving." Her tone carried a queen's authority with it. Not exactly condescending, but it showed that she saw herself as one who was in the position to command. That aside, it was meant to warn the man of just how dedicated the red-eyed doe and her blonde-haired sister to killing him. Should he have died then and there, she'd never get the answers she sought concerning the origins of the demon and the sword. That'd be a travesty and Lucy absolutely couldn't have any of it.

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17Beauty Pt. 1 (Open for roleplay) Empty Re: Beauty Pt. 1 (Open for roleplay) on Thu Apr 21, 2016 7:00 pm

Koko Hanazusaki
Koko had ignored the woman's laughter, if she weren't rich it did indeed shock him that her attitude was so high and mighty, but then again anyone could look nice and still be broke. Such a minor tragedy that he mistook these girls as something more special than what he could have taken advantage of. But a two against one with a stock weapon and armor as this he knew he could either start planning to attack, or wander off. His little saying of morals was a lie, he didn't really care for anybody.

He did owe her a favor, but didn't quite care for her safety and health, especially after seeing the other, more calm sister heal her. As she was in tip top shape he pushed further on the issue of his unconcerning attitude. While the music got louder, he still couldn't hear much of anything from blocking his ears and resorted to reading lips. He followed the girls lip pattern and actually chuckled at her saying they would kill him.

"I'd like to meet the person who D would actually let kill me."

He whispered quietly to himself, finding the girls comment slightly amusing. He noticed she was better now than what she was, meaning that peace would be made, just not with him. Understandable, as it was his absentminded intention, until he saw the orbs coming for him. He was almost bored now of the constant bombardment and watched them come within arms reach.

"Oh come on. This again?"

He spoke with a sigh, thinking about weather to use his semblance for his own amusement now or let them believe he was lying about his semblance. From those two thoughts he decided on option two, and as he felt himself grow tired he took his sword and cut along his fleshy hand to keep himself awake blood spilling all over the ground. He looked over to Lucy, and shrugged.

"Eh, even I know when I'm beat. And since she healed you I think you'll be just fine. Goodbye young miss."

He spoke, tilting his head as he cut more and more on his hand until it started going numb. Koko moved out of the orbs sleeplike ability and wandered back deep into the forest, vanishing from sight and left the forest.


(Hey lovely people, not sure if either of you knew and since I just figured out I'll share with you, the Semblance status effect rolls are supposed to be done by the target, not the attacker. Happy postings to you! ((Edited because of miscommunication due to improper wording.)))

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Angelina Luna

Angelina Luna

The simpleton retreated which was in her mind a bit of a bore. She wanted him to stay a bit longer so she could provide a bit more percussive maintenance. For the won who was dominant was the one who was correct. After all, history is written by the victors. This would all trail off in her mind as she snickered again to herself still amused by this woman's 'composure'.

She saw it as a facade, there was no specter, no phantom, no demon. And she felt that the woman here knew such but played along for entertainment sake. Angelina was entertained, but not for much longer as she adjusted her form. Keeping her blade along her side but ready to jolt upwards if necessary. Her sister reinforcing such beliefs with her exclamation just made her feel even more confident before teasing her luscious top heavy sister.

"You missed Annushka." she stated with a half sigh before her scarlet orbs looked over to the woman who was still frozen, she'd be there for a bit more before actually as her power had a direct hit. Angelina knew that out of the two, she was the fighter where Annushka was the lover and she had much of a way with words that she herself did not.

The glamour of her attacks would at times prove to be inefficient as she was more concerned about her looks from time to time than the actual functionality of an attack. Yet, seeing the fierce offense of her sister did put a bit of a smirk along her perfect albino face. It means they not only annoyed her but they annoyed her sister as well. She understood when her sister healed it was not time to kill and she was right, you bruise what you don't kill. It was far too early to cause casualties of any sort.

"So explain your role in all this, Lucy. Your air based semblance won't fair to well against us." she stated as less of a threat and more as an affirmation, that display of her light show passing right through her wind based element revealed this particular mismatch and since they had no intention of fighting anymore, now that the male with his semblance had vanished it was just time to learn more about this unusual female who was eerily even borderline stupidly calm from the ivory sister's point of view.

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Annushka Luna
Puzzled Annushka Watched as the man simply scurried off and her golden orbs just seemed to stop and trail off. Not pleased he hips stopped gyrating and her arms stomped swinging and her dance ended. Slowly but surely her theme song just trailed off into a thick and palpable silence. Annushka came to a complete stop and her ring weapon indolently spun a few more times around her waist before coming to an end and dropping to the underbrush below her feet. Her mind raced and her face twisted and contorted. She thought carefully about what to say next. This was at least until the silence was pierced by the shrill tone of Angie’s voice. She noted that her golden orbs of sleep has missed and she had hit nothing. “I needed you to tell me that sister”, the blonde spat back at her sister she was slightly perturbed with the situation and the strange man whom disappeared deep into the thick blue of the forest ahead of them. As he aura died down and the glistening luster of light died down in her eye she sat completely at rest now.

She like the trees around them sat eerily still no wind hollowed, no bird chirped, and no bushes rustled. The calm which had come over them was over bearing in its completeness. It was almost as if they had not just been engaged in a battle just now. All that remained was the lingering uneasy of the edge of this world, and the beginning of a another antediluvian precibus. It wracked against her mind grating and grind against logic and common sense. And then as the silence roared Angie cut in again. She was right it was time to interrogate the unnervingly calm woman still locked in ice. It had been clear since the beginning she had had some sort of otherworldy insight into this strange happening. Though she would never admit it the concept of a possession and spirits shook her to her very core. This meant any answers she would be given, she would first have to pass them through the filter of her own beliefs before outright rejecting the most unpalatable of them.

Why ask the questions when you wouldn’t even consider the answers? Thinking to herself this question she glared at the woman she had just healed who was soon to be getting out of the ice that her sister had summoned. She open her mouth as if to speak a loud, but she quickly found herself without the words. How could she even begin to inquire about this.? Turning away from the ice coated woman she allowed her gaze to find her sister again. Her rock, her anchor to this now alien world. Normally she would consult her father for his wisdom, but he was not here anymore. What source could she turn to for the answers to these strange burning questions? She was now the acting head of Clan Luna her wisdom would be the will of the clan when and if they ever had the gall to attempt to rebuild it. How could she answer he children and her children’s children that she simply did not know. These questions scorned her. This whole situation would be best left forgotten and buried beneath sweeter memories of selfies, and social media.

“Angie…I Have to be honest I truly do not want to know the answers to the questions before us what horrors could be expected to uncover from this menagerie madness, and this circus of fools and hierophant…I just want to go home and have a latte” she said, disdain peeking out from behind her eyes. She glanced once more to the eternally smiling ghastly brunette before them before turning back to her sister ”Truly as I speak to day I fear to ask her anything will only bring upon us doubt, fear, and irrationality, I beg of you Sister don’t seek the council of half the mad, and wholly crazed” as she finished the disdain and dejection became too much and she retreated back to the comfortable and familiar. Walking over to her sister side the blonde reached into her blouse and fished around her cleavage vigorously rustling her large breast for a few moments. From within her peplum top she removed her pink bedazzled phone. Tracing her finger across the screen she pulled up her gps app to point them in the direction of home. The power of technology would lead them away from this farce.

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