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Grandmaster Samurai Brown [Finished]

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Samurai Brown
Enrollment Form

Grandmaster Samurai Brown [Finished] Tumblr_miovl17gUc1rgam01o1_500

Basic info
Name: Grandmaster Samurai Brown
Age: 41
Birthday: September 3
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'4" (Not including Afro)
Weight: 180 lbs
Face Claim: Bushido Brown - Boondocks

Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Hand to Hand Combat Professor
-Things only richer people can afford
-Those who think themselves stronger than him
-Not getting what he wants
-Becoming poor himself
-Looking old
-Robots taking over
Overall Personality:
Grandmaster Samurai Brown has grown accustomed to a very wealthy life. With his wealth, Grandmaster Samurai Brown gets what he wants, when he wants. and how he wants. Anything less, he considers a waste of his time.

With every right, Grandmaster Samurai Brown is extremely overconfident in his own skills. Mix this with his wealth, Grandmaster Samurai Brown looks down on other people as they fail to match his status in life.

Despite his previous traits, Grandmaster Samurai Brown has a lot of knowledge regarding combat, possessing mastery in several forms of martial arts as well as several forms of kendo.

Aura type: Strength
Aura Color: Gold
Semblance: Absolute Muscle Control - Grandmaster Samurai Brown has the ability to push his own muscles to their full capacity without hurting himself, more than doubling his efficiency with his strength. He can use to speed up his own movement, attack power, or durability.
Item 1:
Wooden Training Katana - A special wooden training katana made from an extremely durable wood that cannot be broken easily. The word 'Love' is etched into the hand grip of the wooden katana.
Item 2:
Physical Defense - A headband with a red sun on it. For some reason it provides full body defense against physical attacks. It supposedly has magical properties to it.

History and Sample

Grandmaster Samurai Brown wasn't always known as 'Grandmaster Samurai Brown', but originally, he had a normal name. He was born to the master of a Kendo Dojo who began to teach his son the ways of the sword at the age of 3. By the age of 15, who we now know as Grandmaster Samurai Brown had already bested all but his father in the ways of the sword. Younger Grandmaster Samurai Brown was already on the path to inherit ownership of the Dojo, but decided to walk away with from it. Despite his family owning a prominent dojo, they weren't that rich. There were times when money was a struggle and personal non-essential factors had to be abandoned. Younger Grandmaster Samurai Brown didn't see any point in being strong if it meant being poor. To him, he saw living poor as a weakness, something he had to abandon.

At the age of 18, younger Grandmaster Samurai Brown began to take up work as a personal bodyguard. At first, the jobs he started with were of a smaller scale, protecting trade caravans from bandits, stopping gangs from wreaking havoc in small villages. Younger Grandmaster Samurai Brown performed well in these jobs, never failing once. With these unparalleled results, younger Grandmaster Samurai Brown began to take up larger jobs, traveling the world to protect important people from assassins, destroying terrorist cells. As he traveled the world, younger Grandmaster Samurai Brown sought to strengthen his own abilities, learning different forms of martial arts and other styles of combat. Through combat experience and training, Grandmaster Samurai Brown quickly mastered these different combat styles, further increasing his armament of combat techniques. Samurai Brown was what people began to recognize him as, reflecting his ability with his sword and martial arts, as well as his skin color.

At the age of 33, Samurai Brown took part in and won the International Remnant Kendo Tournament, and finally earned himself the title, 'Grandmaster'. Grandmaster Samurai Brown had obtained world class fame and with it, the wealth he had been longing for all of his life.

It wasn't long after earning the title Grandmaster that Samurai Brown was approached by producers from ATN, otherwise known as Atlesian Television Network, the largest TV network in Atlas. They wanted Grandmaster Samurai Brown to star in his own TV show about him being a hero that fought crime. Seeing an opportunity for even more wealth, Grandmaster Samurai Brown agreed to take up the role. The show was very successful. Soon, Grandmaster Samurai Brown began to star in movies, host live shows, be involved with reality TV shows, and even had several documentaries about him.

By the age of 36, Grandmaster Samurai Brown was an international celebrity.

At the age of 41, Grandmaster Samurai Brown took up the role of a professor at the small school for hunters called Syne Academy. This was for a new reality TV show he was going to star in involving him teaching hand to hand combat to students. The name of the show is called 'The Teachings Of A Grandmaster' and is to air weekly on ATN.

RP Sample:

"I told you I wanted one of those smart toilets that spray water up your a**." Grandmaster Samurai Brown said angrily to one of the producers on the set of his upcoming movie, 'Enter the Demon'. "How do you expect me to anything if I'm not properly cleaned up? This isn't kindergarden. I don't do anything with crap in my a**crack?"
"I told you already," The producer replied clearly annoyed, "They don't have those kinds of toilets here. This isn't Atlas. This is Bellmuse. They lack the technological innovation you're used to. Besides, it isn't a big deal. Just wipe after you're done."
"Who do you think I am?" The Grandmaster replied, just as annoyed as the producer, "I don't wipe anyone's a**. Even if it's my own. It's a filthy place. I don't do filthy places. That being said, if you want me to act in this movie, either you get me my smart toilet or you find someone to wipe my a**."
"This is why I hate celebrities..." The producer muttered to himself then called out to one of the newer camera men standing on the edge of the set, "Jim! Get over here! I got a new job for you!"

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