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Chester M. (Marvelous) Malachite

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Chester M. Malachite
Enrollment Form

Chester M. (Marvelous) Malachite Tumblr_inline_ncpgmjmvvU1sos2va

Basic info
Name: Chester M. (Marvelous) Malachite
Age: 20
Birthday: 01.01
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus (Deer, Tail)
Height: 230 cm
Weight: 110 kg
Face Claim: Marvelous Chester DS1

Aura 50| 250 HP

Major: Combat: Specialized Hunter
Likes: History, socializing, Grimm.
Dislikes: Silence, boredom, Grimm.
Fears: Isolation, Marvelous (Himself), Grimm.
Overall Personality: Chester is a two faced person, this is characterized mostly by how he can change from normal Chester to Marvelous whenever it is deemed necessary to each of his personalities. When being Chester he is like a calm and collected gentleman and seems to care greatly for the wellbeing of others and their happiness, enjoying the conversation and company of a great many others and never really bothering who the spotlight is on. When he is Marvelous Chester, he enjoys to torment others about their own faults and failures but always trying to hide it with strangenesses and niceties. Never being direct or giving a firm answer always trying to trick or deceive others into his own horrid thought pattern.

Now the both persona of Chester seem to equally admire, despise and fear the Grimm. This is mostly seen in his speech and body language going from praising their strength to loathing their weakness and fearing their very presence, he is also afraid of himself most of all and this counts for both of his persona. When asked about Marvelous when he is acting like Chester he might tell the person asking to always be wary and to never trust him or what he might do. But when speaking to Marvelous about Chester he will mostly just give snideness and mostly call him a fool that will cause nothing but pain and suffering to himself and others that he cares for. Also being who he is Chester fears to be alone and this ties in with his fear off himself due to him fearing what he might do if left alone for a prolonged time.

Aura type: Recovery: The Recovery aura allows a character to recover their SP more quickly than others. Recover +5 SP per post.
Aura Color: White with a greenish hue.
Semblance: Aerokinetic: Chester has the ability to control and manipulate air. From the creation of gusts of wind to increasing the speed and destructibility of his crossbow bolts by either pushing the projectile faster with his Semblance or causing the bolts impact to increase due to the addition of the air traveling just behind the bolt head.

Item 1: The Laughing Staker: This massive crossbow is 170 cm in length and 20 cm in width at the stock. The bolts it fires are 50 cm in length and with different bolt heads ranging from armor piercing to jagged. The bowhead component is able to fold for ease of carrying and to enable the weapon to be used as a improvised club. It also holds a lens attachment which gives a zoom of x12 when used.
Item 2: Rating 1: Wind Dust.

History and Sample
Chester was born into a caring and loving family. His childhood would seem to be nothing but joy and fun times until he turned fifteen, when he did Chester started to develop his other persona or as it named it self Marvelous Chester or simply just Marvelous. Ignoring Marvelous from the start seemed to be the best idea he could think of but that just accelerated the problem until he would regularly start switching persona whenever the other decided it wanted to get out and stretch. After a heated argument with his parents and close family Chester ran away into the woods not even caring about the potential Grimm that could be lurking around. His father a notable Huntsman followed after with his crossbow weapon wanting to avoid his son falling to the Grimm or getting lost.

After a few hours of searching for Chester his father found him standing over a Beowulf corpse holding a bloodied jagged rock, his father also noticed the cracks in the ground and on the trees surrounding the area and figured Chester must have activated his semblance. As he approached him Chester suddenly turned around and buried the jagged rock into his fathers shoulder before grabbing the crossbow and started to run away cackling like a madman. Just as he did a King Tai emerged from the ground and killed his father while Chester continued to run now mixing crying and laughing as he kept running as far away as he could.

Disapearing for a few years Chester re-emerged at Syne entering as a student for mostly unknown reasons behind his apparent wish of becoming a Huntsman. Marvelous was cackling all the while reminding Chester of the horrid deed he had done which had in all honesty caused the death of his own father and how he must become a Huntsman so that he could repent by slaying every last Grimm out there.

RP Sample:
"Oh, for Juniper's sake.
Put some spring into your step! Mwah hah hah
!" those words must have been burned into the White Fang members mind after he had seen Chester and heard those exact words as Chester had then at point blank range perforated another recruit right through the neck with a crossbow bolt. Running was the only thing it seemed this one could do as he suddenly heard behind him "What ever's the matter? No, I can tell. You need me more than ever. Mwah hah hah!" as he picked up the pace Chester couldn't help but chuckle as he saw how this so called fighter for freedom was running as scared as one would do from those amazingly disgusting Grimm. Ugh the mere thought of this brought a deep seatheing  disgust to Chester's face and stomache, no this one could not be allowed to live after he had forced him to remember that one horrid moment Chester would rather die then re-live. HE HAD TO DIE!, those words screamed in his mind as he reloaded the crossbow and aimed it at the back of the White Fang's skull, and then it turned silent. A few moments after "Thunk!" and then nothing, the man crashed onto the ground before laying there lifeless as Chester watched him from afar, the deed was done and it was time to return.

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