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RWBY D&D: It said the title was to short =w=

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1RWBY D&D: It said the title was to short =w= Empty RWBY D&D: It said the title was to short =w= on Thu Jun 09, 2016 1:33 am

So I been gone for awhile with work and life and stuff, but I have been thinking about stuff. So a friend of mine along with RT new show: Heroes and Halfwits have brought back a little of my old love for D&D and with that an idea was born. I don't know how well this could work or if I would really have time for it, but if time loosens up I might try at setting up an RWBY type of D&D game sometime. Now this would be something that would take a lot of work to set up. Since would have to convert the rules over to fit RWBY, but in the end, it shouldn't be that hard. So I'm kind of curious who would be up for this? Now be warn if we did do this it would be a real game of D&D meaning this a lot of time would be put into it and a mic would also much needed.

Remember this is just an idea I came up with and just wondering what other thought about this.

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We'd have to do a lot of pre-planning and stuff, but i'd be down.

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Jet Jeyson
I'm in ^^
Not sure why mic would be needed, I mean people can type? Just longer :p But I have a mic so I'm good with that.

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Liona Mimiko
I am also for this, and yes, a Mic is very very needed. Ive done D&D with just a chatbox before and it was terrible.

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Selkie Heart
oh god... if you can get this going let me know i might join. i've got 5E books if you need help, if you want to convert from that edition.

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