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Flash Driver- Finished

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1Flash Driver- Finished Empty Flash Driver- Finished on Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:27 am

Flash Driver
Flash Driver- Finished Flcl_c10
Basic info
Name: Unit C101, goes by the name Flash Driver
Age: Manufactured thirteen years ago
Birthday: 23/4 (Date of activation)
Gender: Identifies as male
Race: Android
Height: 2 Meters
Weight: 150kg
Face Claim: Canti from Fooly Cooly

STR:5 (Brawn)
AGT:2 (Reflexes)
SPD:3 (Speed)
SPT:2 (Spirit)
Aura 180|120 HP (change in multiples of 10)

Group: Gadgeteers
Likes: Hugs, People, Reading Comics, Rock and roll, Puns
Dislikes: Fights between humans and faunus, Magnets, Films about killer robots
Fears: That he’ll outlive everyone, Shutting down, Being replaced
Overall personality: Once a quiet and serious droid Flash grew up to love all those with blood running through them and through that thinking will attempt to help them, even if they don’t particularly need or want his help. He often attempts to make friends with differing results, from having those around him run away to having them think he’s the coolest thing ever. Flash is a rather eccentric robot, no longer bound to an owner or even his creator he is known to partially deconstruct parts of his body and hand out the spare parts as gifts in the forms of keychains and necklaces. He can’t bring himself to hate anyone no matter how much they may hate him as he believes he was not created with a chip allowing him to do so and is unable to check, though he is unable to hold a grudge as strong as hatred he can be briefly angry with someone. He can often be found running errands and working for the friends he’s just made. He may appear a towering robot but really he’s kind of a pushover. He is easily embarrassed when receiving praise. He wants to become a hunter to help humans and faunus alike.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Light grey (Virtually transparent)
Semblance: Turning his aura to electricity so that anyone touching him or touching metal that's touching him gets shocked.
Item 1: A pump action shotgun that can fire five shots before having to be reloaded one shell at a time
Item 2: Armour in the form of the metal plating that covers his body and has been painted over blue. His face is made from bulletproof glass. -
Full Body:
Flash Driver- Finished Canti_10
C101 was designed to be the next step in grimm defense, an early model in what was believed to become a revolution. In his many years of testing he was rented out by a wealthy family and spent his time working as a slave, prepared to fight danger at any second. This all change though when contact with a powerful magnet locked his system up and shut him down. The family believed him to be broken and unwilling to pay the fine for damages claimed to his creator that he ran away. They then proceeded to dump him in a landfill. A few hours later C101 reawakened far from anything he’d ever known. The corruption from the magnet had unlocked some hidden parts of his memory banks while deleting others, giving him more curiosity and far friendlier a nature than had been intended but removing all knowledge of his creator and the way back to the family’s house. Lost and confused C101 hobbled through the trash, curious about his surroundings. It was here that he stumbled across a box full of comic books and records, he took his new first name from one of said comic book characters and a song on one of the records- Flash. He also found an assortment of clothing and choose to shove them in with the books and music. Carrying the box with him he eventually found his way out of the landfill and through use of his built in GPS found the nearest town. The bot was promptly picked up by authorities after he attempted to carry a frail old woman across the street atop his shoulders. The police were unsure of just what to do with this strange contraption but upon demonstrating his skill as a hunter, doing this by showing off his grey aura he was promptly sent to Syne Academy for them to deal with. He demonstrated his unbelievable strength and skill with a shotgun, thus sealing the rather strange bots’ place at the academy where he would fill his memory banks with knowledge in an attempt to one day save people like the heroes he reads about.
RP Sample:
Flash sat in a coffee shop, while he couldn’t quite taste coffee he enjoyed how drinking the hot drink played with the heat sensors all over his body. He had gotten a few strange looks from the inhabitants of this city but all things considered he was just happy to be around people and walking free. While enjoying the warm sensation the android was dismantling his recently issued scroll and working to combine it with his body. Even though it had been difficult but he was fairly certain he could now slot the necessary parts into his system. He opened his chest and began to make room for his new hardware. However he realized he was getting looks from the customers around him. Not wanting to cause the restaurant owners trouble he quickly poured the black liquid through the grill on his face. He left a tip for the nice waitress who’d brought him the drink, one of the few in the restaurant who had not been afraid of him. Among the coins he left was a large washer which he though could be a ring. He made his way out of the shop, tinkering as he went.

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Leena Lilac
This. This right here. I enjoyed reading this.

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