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Alexander Redgrave [Complete]

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Alexander Redgrave
Enrollment Form

Alexander Redgrave [Complete] Ougon-bbattler

Basic info
Name: Alexander Redgrave
Age: 17
Birthday: August 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 173 lb.
Face Claim: Battler Ushiromiya, from Legend of the Golden Witch
Alex stands tall at 6'0", athletically built with crimson hair allowed to grow out and eyes the color of the Caribbean Sea- when he’s calm. In the midst of battle, though, his eyes glow red as his hair, a slight mutation from being exposed to Dust all his life. A strange, cross-like scar mars the back of his right hand, while his left hand sports a diagonal slash of its own. His torso is marred by a thousand tiny nicks and scratches, all with their own stories and all earned gloriously in battle, whether that was in a death match with a gunner or a bar brawl from a carelessly broken bottle. However, to his pride, not a single scar marks his back, the sign of a man who has never run from a single battle. His eyes always seem to shine with mirth, and his face is always graced with a smile, whether it is a roguish smirk or a full grin stretching from ear to ear. He almost always looks as if he's found something funny in any situation, and will often attempt to liven up even the bleakest of situations with a bit of humor.

The word that immediately comes to mind upon seeing Alex is 'leonine.' Whether one sees him sprawled in a chair, loping through the urban environment, or even in the heat of battle, there is always a certain fluidity in his every movement, an animalistic power coursing through his limbs that truly deserves the title of 'King.' Even his manner of dress reveals this relaxed yet powerful attitude. Usually found in a carefully ignored purple or white suit, remaining impeccable even through the heat of battle, Alex carries himself with a savage grace that floods his every action and is obvious to any who see him.

STR: 2
DEF: 1
RES: 4
SPT: 5
Aura 200|100 HP

Group: Duster

  • The scent of Rain
  • Battle
  • Sweets
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Target Practice
  • Sleeping
  • Reading
  • Flirting
  • Pretty Women
  • Good Food
  • Grimm (He won’t hesitate to kill one, but he does find them rather interesting, biology/lore wise).


  • Intentionally Rude people
  • People that are ‘stiff’ or think of themselves as superior
  • Obstinate people
  • Snow/Cold in general
  • Bitter/sour food
  • Boredom
  • Sickness
  • King Taijitu
  • Losing. GOD does he hate losing.


  • Claustrophobia
  • Torture
  • Failing a Friend

Overall Personality:


That's probably the phrase that best describes Alex's personality. No matter where he goes, no matter the situation, even a smile will always grace Alex's lips, as if life is one big game to him. He's always relaxed, and thus able to take a step back to view a situation in full detail. Alex is a truly decent man, and strives to be kind to all he meets. He is quick with a joke, enjoys the company of his friends, and would rather take the blow himself than have to watch the sufferings of a companion.

But while Alex is quick to take up his friends' problems, he is loath to unburden any of his own. He would much prefer to silently struggle under the weight of his troubles rather than bother his friends to add to theirs. Occasionally, when he's alone, the eternal smile disappears behind the clouds in his thoughts, as he broods over his mistakes, and what he could have done to change the past. Still, even this state doesn't last long- eventually, Alex will give up the dark train of thoughts with a dismissive wave of his hand, and will just disappear for a couple days, returning covered in dirt and soot and scratches from head to toe, having picked a fight or twenty. His favorite times are when he’s fighting, sword in hand, the steel feeling like a natural extension of his own body. He loves that moment when he’s fighting for his very life, that sensation like dancing on the very edge of hell. He despises boredom above all else, and will do almost anything to get rid of it. If that means going for a night on the town or joining a mercenary company for the thrill of battle, then so be it.

One of Alex's most obvious traits, however, is his complete self-assurance. He is confident in his every move, and is always optimistic about any course of action. Even his smooth, practiced walk- with his shoulders back, head held high, and arms freely swinging, nowhere near his revolvers- illustrates his leonine pride. This pride allows him to shrug off most insults, and laugh at those who would cast such petty words, but it is a double-edged sword as well. If some enemy would dare anger him, by attacking his friends and family- or, God forbid, his teammates, he will fall into the sheer rancor of his soul and devolve into a berserk frenzy.

Aura type: Spirit
Aura Color: Purple
Semblance: [Absolute Authority] A gravity-type Semblance. When activated, an area of 5 meters in radius suddenly bows down under an incredible weight, as if a giant were attempting to crush the area with a single stomp. The only ones excepted from this Semblance are Alex, those smart enough to leave the area of effect, or those Alex declares outside his Authority, usually his teammates. As the increased gravity crushes down on his opponents, their muscles strain, their tendons snap as they fight against weight they cannot tolerate. Eventually, as time goes on, even breathing becomes difficult. This Semblance was named for the effect it has on Alex’s opponents- while fighting the weight of his Semblance is a distinct possibility, those spineless warriors that refuse to resist end up with heads bent, backs bowed, as if pledging fealty to a King. (Damage-Type Semblance)
Item 1: [Grandia & Gravedigger][Dust Weapon] Twin revolvers, used for when Alex runs out of Dust, or as a focus for his powers, if necessary. These heavy duty revolvers fire dust-laced bullets, for that extra kick when a Grimm just refuses to get out of Alex’s face.  These two revolvers are Alex’s pride and joy, never leaving his side, and have gone through many a Grimm hunt with him, saving his life countless times. There are a few nicks and scratches across both barrels, however, where the guns were used more like clubs than actual guns.
Alexander Redgrave [Complete] 1351854780-diamondback-357
Item 2: Tier 1 Fire Dust (5/5)

History and Sample
Born in a well to do family in Atlas, Alexander was never found wanting in his life. His father was a well-known R&D developer of Dust technologies, while his mother was a well-paid real estate agent, selling new properties in the northern Atlas settlements. Perhaps his parents were not around as often as they could have, but with his little brother and his friends, he was never quite bored. He had a fairly normal childhood growing up, other than the constant exposure to Dust as a child, as rapt in his father’s work as he was. Unfortunately, this fascination led to a spill of some experimental Aura-amplifying dust that contaminated Alex’s body as the young boy was searching around in his father’s lab. Fortunately, the only effect seemed to be the curious color change that his eyes undergo during battle, and his impressive Aura output. Still, after that, Alex was given precise training in the handling of dust, so such an event would not happen again.

Until age 14, Alex continued this pattern of school, friends, home, and dust training, his life satisfying, if somewhat uneventful. One day, he decided to play hooky, and this decision changed his life. As he surfed the TV channels, Alex heard a muffled explosion and went to his window to go check. Immediately he was knocked off his feet, covering his face as glass flew inwards and Beowolves flooded his house. Alex screamed, crawling backwards, trying to flee, his instincts telling him to reach his father’s study, get to the Dust and something that could kill these damned Grimm. However, Alex did not need to worry about that, as the floor disappeared beneath his feet, his house collapsing in on itself all around him.

Alex woke up in a sea of darkness, surrounded by rubble and books. Rubbing his head, Alex slowly stood up, looking for some kind of light source, anything he could use to see. Searching his pockets, Alex found the lighter he had stolen from a friend (Sorry, Mike) earlier that day. Turning on the light, Alex found himself his father’s basement study room, surrounded by spilled canisters of Dust, reams of notes, and the splinters of his father’s desk. Slowly walking around the basement, his vision still fuzzy, Alex tried going up the stairs…

Only to find himself face to face with a King Taijitu.

Screaming, Alex jumped backwards as it lunged forwards, only barely dodging its fangs. The Taijitu surged forward over and over again, but it was trapped as much as Alex was, pinned under thousands of tons of brick and mortar. Sitting there, Alex eyed the King Taijitu, as it stared back at him. They sat there for a moment, neither able to do anything, before Alex slowly got up and continued walking around, careful to avoid his new roommate as he took stock of all his things. There were hundreds of dust capsules, but no way to control them, so Alex was just as likely to blow himself up and free his roommate, as he was growing to see the Taijitu, as he was to kill it and free himself. Even then, if he did kill the Taijitu, what would he do? Walk down it and blow a hole open at the tail? No, better to find another way out. Looking around, Alex found the emergency flashlight they kept downstairs and continued his search.

Two weeks later, Alex ran out of food, chewing on the last moldy hunk of bread from his father’s regular meals down at his desk, simply staring at the Taijitu. He had long ago memorized every aspect of the creature- this half of it, anyways. He had already marked down several features that the textbooks had missed- very few researchers got to see the inside of a Taijitu’s mouth- not alive, anyways. He realized that the white end must have been eating everything that scampered nearby, for this damned snake to be still alive. Standing up, Alex slowly made his way to the desk, lethargically shuffling through the splinters for something else to eat for tomorrow. Angrily kicking at the pile of scrap, Alex froze as he heard the clink of metal. Furiously clawing away the remnants of the desk, Alex found a metal ring, like one found on a door knocker. Pulling it up, Alex grunted with effort as a small safe popped out of the ground. Scowling, Alex tried every possible combination he could think of, before throwing the safe away from him in frustration. He glared at the Taijitu, which seemed to be laughing at him.

His eyes glowing with an idea, Alex slowly lifted the safe and walked over to the Taijitu, grinning. He threw the safe at the Taijitu, which responded exactly as he expected: it punctured the safe and attempted to eat it. Dashing forward, no longer caring for his life, Alex reached into the safe, upending its contents on the ground and kicking them away before diving for safety. The Taijitu hurled away the safe as it realized real food was right in front of it, and was understandably miffed when it lost both meals. Bending over, Alex picked up what he had gained… and grinned.

It was Gravedigger, his grandfather’s revolver from his time as a Huntsman.

Popping open the cartridges, Alex saw that it was full of bullets- and ready to take Dust vials as well. Snarling at the Taijitu, Alex took savage delight in the doom he was about to visit upon the creature. Packing up all the vials he had gathered, as well as some of his father’s notes, Alex shrugged on his pack and loaded Gravedigger, taking the heavy gun up in both hands. Walking towards the Taijitu, Alex knew he only possessed one way out of this. No longer scared of death, having it as a roommate for so long, Alex walked forward, his eyes blood red now with his rage and determination. The Taijitu lunged forward, mouth open, and Alex fired. All 7 shots went into the creature’s mouth, and though it faltered, it refused to stop. ”No! I will not die here, god damn it!” Alex snarled. ”I refuse to die here! I refuse!”

Encouraged by the weapon in his hands, and provoked by Alex’s rage, hatred, and desire to live, his Aura awoke, and with it, his semblance. The house creaked as the Taijitu slammed into the ground, as if slapped down by an angry god.

If only the Taijitu were so lucky. It was against an angry Alex.

Reloading the gun, Alex walked forward, kicking the overgrown snake in the nose, causing it to snarl at him. Quick as a whip, Alex threw 5 vials of Fire Dust into its gullet, redoubled his Absolute Authority, and when the snake closed its mouth, fired 3 more times. The impact shattered the glass and ignited the vials inside the creature’s mouth, blowing its head off and scorching its insides. Seething mad, Alex could only see red as he kicked aside the Taijitu’s head and walked right down its neck, firing forward as he did so. He felt the other end of the snake thrash in agony. The creature may have been impervious from the outside, but it was squishy as can be from the inside out. Getting to the other end of the snake, Alex reloaded Gravedigger, then unloaded ice vials into the snake’s second head. With a single explosive bullet, Alex shattered the creature, finally creating his way out of the basement. He shielded his eyes for a moment, unused to sunlight, before slowly making his way for safety and food. He had survived two weeks in that basement, he was prepared to survive anything.

He reloaded, daring something else to come after him.

For two years, Alex survived in that concrete jungle, hiding out in abandoned buildings, killing from ambush and running whenever the odds were no longer in his favor. The red eyed killer managed to scrounge up enough supplies and ammunition to become a serious threat to the Grimm, enough so that it eventually led to his rescue. Several researchers had been sent to find out what had happened to deplete the Grimm population so much, and if it was safe enough for human repopulation. They found Alex and immediately whisked him back to civilization, where he was overjoyed to meet his family and friends once more.

However, a new kind of fire burned in his soul, one that had not existed previously. Alex commissioned Grandia, the perfect twin to Gravedigger, and began training with his two heavy revolvers for the following year, along with his control over Dust in a weapons situation. He applied to Syne Academy and was quickly accepted, given his background. Grinning on the plane ride over to Syne, Alex couldn’t help but notice in the window’s reflection as his eyes flashed red in anticipation.

RP Sample:
Alex hissed as he poured more rubbing alcohol over the wound, pulling the last stitch tight with his teeth as he did so. Breathing through his nose, Alex forced the pain to go away by sheer dint of will. He couldn’t use any serious anesthesia, no matter how much he was hurting- too many Grimm out in his damned city prowling around. That last Ursa Major got far closer than it ever should have, and probably would have disemboweled him had he not gotten inconceivably lucky and tripped at the last second, the last claw easily shattering his weakened Aura and scoring through his chest. Leaving his shirt off, not willing to get the incredibly dirty fabric in the wound, Alex stood up slowly, letting the blood ease its way back into his limbs. So what now? Make another run for supplies? The Leviathans are back at the southern gate so no way in hell I’m trying to get out this month. And there’s still the creeper infestation at the broken radio, so…damn it. Looks like I better prepare for another year here. Now if only I hadn’t lost track of how many I’ve already been here for.

As Alex contemplated the options before him, he heard a faint ‘chup-chup-chup-chup’ sound that he had never heard before. Immediately darting into a building, Alex whipped Gravedigger from its makeshift holster, snapping it downwards and exposing the cartridges, making sure he was fully loaded before flicking up his wrist. Gravedigger’s barrel snapped into place, fully locked and loaded. His eyes opened wide as a helicopter plane he had never seen before in his life slowly touched down in the empty street. His ears could just barely pick out voices as the blades died down.

“…lling you, there is no logical explanation for the Grimm depopulation here! The Grimm have no natural predators, and there haven’t been any Hunters up here since the outbreak!”

“So what, you want me to believe that the Grimm are just committing suicide en masse? What are they, lemmings?”

Alex felt a smile slowly grow over his face. People! Civilization! Food that wasn’t molding! Creeping closer, stalking his only mode of movement now, Alex managed to get within feet before any of the people there noticed. ”G’evening, boys. Enjoying my little paradise?” Alex said brightly from directly behind them. He saw both men reach for weapons, and instantaneously darted forward to intercept. Gravedigger’s barrel was slammed down to keep the sword in its sheath, and Alex’s hand caught the rifle about to be leveled at him. ”Whoa whoa whoa, I’m friendly, boys. Mind getting me out of here? I’ve been here long enough for any man to get sick of this place.”

“You…you’ve lived here for a while? But that would make you- my God, you’re a survivor from the Outbreak!”

”Eyup, Alexander Redgrave, only man stupid enough in this entire city not to run or have the common decency to die.”

“Redgrave…you’re Jonathan’s boy! You’re alive! It’s me, Dr. Tobin, your father’s business partner!” Dr. Tobin dropped his weapon and swept up Alex in a massive hug, to the detriment of Alex’s cuts, scrapes, and generally creaky body. Still, Alex couldn’t help but smile to himself as he envisioned his future, which until now had mainly involved the inside of a Grimm stomach. My God, I actually survived. I’m gonna… I’m gonna go home. Damn. Get to eat good food, wear good clothes… A sudden terror struck Alex, and he couldn’t help but groan.

Oh my God, Lily’s gonna kill me.

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