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Lily Oracle[Completed]

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1Lily Oracle[Completed] Empty Lily Oracle[Completed] on Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:35 am

Lily Oracle
Enrollment Form

Lily Oracle[Completed] Lily%20Oracle%20copy_zpsltabltps

Basic info
Name: Lily Oracle
Age: 17
Birthday: October 7th (Star Sign: Libra)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'5
Weight: 130
Face Claim:.......N/A (I drew her artwork, as I will aim to do so for any instance that I require an image of her)

Aura 120|180 HP

Group: Warrior

  • The flowers she's named after
    Fairy Tales with happy endings
    Easy living
    A gentle summer breeze
    Chinese Food (in specific, although any food that's delicious or good will do)


  • Being Judged at first glance/Marked for failure
    Hurting those close to her, especially Alex + her family
    Feeling helpless/useless
    Terrible food
    Wilting flowers
    Being alone (Unless studying.)


  • Failure
    Facing conflict she may have caused (through her strong opinionated nature. Excluding physical confrontations that result in battle.)
    Her family's disapproval

Overall Personality: At first glance Lily is an absolute sweetheart, completely carefree, and sometimes a bit of an air head. But underneath it all, she's quite the amazing girl. With a strong sense of justice and belief in herself, she believes she's capable of just about anything she puts her mind to. And so far, she has yet to be proven wrong. Dedication to her studies has lead her to graduating top of her class. She's bright, and capable of making many people's day with just a smile alone. She's always willing to lend someone a hand, and quite a chatter box if one gets her talking about her favorite hobbies. Her best friend Alexander has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement in her life; so much so that she would even say she owes a lot of her accomplishments to him. Even without him physically there, the very thought of him brings her comfort and strength. Her parents too are also a source of encouragement, although not in the same way that her childhood friend is. Free spirited and always happy to help, Lily is more than happy to make friends and be civil until someone decides to cross her...for the scales won't be tipping in their favor if they dare to.
Aura type: Power
Aura Color: White
Semblance: Venus Undying Devotion: A healing semblance designed to heal the team should they become low on Aura. For every 30 aura, her and her team gain +20 HP back. Semblance is limited to only her team, and only functions if all of them are within ten meters of Lily when active. However when active, Lily is unable to attack or defend, so this makes her considerably useless as she's healing others.
Item 1: Steel Fans: Love and Justice
Lily Oracle[Completed] Bladed_fan_by_fuocogotico-d3aym4q
Lily's primary weapons are two fans crafted of fine steel. When folded, they resemble a slightly enlogated swiss knife, when opened, they become deadly weapons that are used well when mixed with her fighting style which uses plenty of elegant motions and movements designed to get the most bang for her buck. The fans look elegant and beautiful, but are devastating if one is on the receiving end of their deadly wielder. Lily does not mess around either, since each fan has atleast 6 claws at the top of it, meaning with every swipe either up or down will bring about plenty of cuts and open wounds to contend with. Each fan can also be thrown and propelled into an opponent, as they are connected by a thin steel cable, attached to a wrist cuff that will bring each one back at the touch of a button on the cuff it's self. Which means, if an opponent is too far away, and she sinks the clawed bit of her fan into them far enough, she could in theory activate the mechanism to bring it back, and bring her opponent into close quarters with which to launch even more damage to them. All in all, Lily's fans are not to be messed with. And neither is she.

Item 2: Level 1 Armor.

History and Sample
Lily grew up in Atlas with her family, her father rich from a wealthy sum of money given to him from inheritence from his own mother, and her mother more than happy to enjoy the spoils, even as she practiced as a doctor well gifted in the area. As such, she grew up with Alexander Redgrave, and both of their families were more than happy to see their children growing up and playing nice. While her father didn't always enjoy seeing her get along so well with a boy, her mother was more than estactic, and became fast friends with Alex's mother. Being a doctor however also meant that at times, she would be gone quite a lot. Having patients sometimes in rural areas meant she would stay a night or two away from their lavish home, leaving Lily behind to spend that time with her father. As Alex and Lily grew up, and grew closer, her father became more and more....upset as time went on. Viewing Alex as a threat to his daughter, he would often look on as they played with an intense amount of jealousy and contempt for the red haired squirt, who seemed to steal his daughter's affection and time. Time that could better be spent dedicated to her studies.

That all changed when at 13, the boy was no where to be found. At first, Lily wrote it off as something simple. Something completely mundane. But her father saw the opportunity and boy did he take it.  The second Alex disappeared, he scooped his daughter up and her mother, and made a mad break elsewhere.  Just far enough that even if the boy was found alive, he'd be unlikely to find her. Or alternatively, even if he was found alive, his daughter would surely give up on finding him. Lily, of course, was heart broken. And as the two years went by, she dedicated the time she could've spent with the person who made her life like the fairy tales she enjoyed reading. Who tended every wound she ever got. But like hell was her father gonna let her remember him. Not if he had anything to say about it. Instead, she was forced to study. And while she would've done it anyway, now she had a reason to do it. No one was there to "distract" her. But alternatively, now there was not someone there to encourage her either...

An agonizing two years passed. And now at 15, Lily was doing extremely well for herself. Her grades were outstanding. Her parents were proud as all hell. But she still felt empty inside. Her father, having a small moment of weakness, and egged on by his wife needing to tend to patients there, he hauled them all back. And it was the worst mistake he could've possibly made. Because she bumped into him again. And when she did, it was like nothing had ever happened. Like he hadn't disappeared for two whole years. They embraced, and his greatest fear was confirmed as the father stared down at his loving daughter, full of wide eyed concern and even love for that snot nosed red haired freak. As he watched Lily tend to that rotten boy's every scratch and cut, and receive the same affection back, his wife burst in over joyed. Turning his eyes away from the scene of the two kids, he was presented with Lily's acception leter into Syne Academy. Pride momentarily swelled in the father's eyes and chest, before he turned his eyes back to the scene, seeing his precious daughter with that terrible no good boy, and a smirk widened on his face. He hadn't heard anything about the boy getting accepted. And so, thinking his daughter would once again have time away from that snot nosed brat, he embraced his wife and poured her some wine, to celebrate their daughter's success, toasting to a future that for him, would be without the Redgrave Rat.
RP Sample:
Lily huffed, as she checked her wrist watch, a decrotive little thing with a pink strap, and golden vines decorating the band. The minute hand was anxiously stuck at the 5 mark, indicating that her friend was well...late. Super, SUPER late. Oh so late. Her lips turned into a thin frown as she groaned, her arm falling to her side as she leaned back in her seat. They were supposed to be grabbing lunch together. At least that's what he'd said they'd be doing. Whenever it was he got ready. He'd said something about having the day off from class, even if, she knew deep down that couldn't have been possible. Not with either of their busy schedules. With another soft huff, she closed her text books, bringing them close to her chest as the waiter appeared by her side, passing her a menu, and asking what she'd like. She would've simply waved him off and assured him that she was leaving but, she just couldn't. Not after seeing the first thing that was passed to her with the dessert menu, ripe with plenty of chocolate wonders for her to taste. Her mouth began to water. Her eyes twinkling in delight as she ordered something girly and super chocolate-y. And when the waiter made note of it, wandering off with the menu in a hurry, her expression fell. She dumped her books back down to the table, as her eyes closed. Where the heck is he? It's been..., her thoughts trailed off as her eyes fell back to her wrist watch, this time signifying that he wasn't just 5 minutes late...but now, 25 minutes late. Her heart fell then.
I can't believe he'd leave me hanging like this! Uggh....Alexander Redgrave! You're gonna GET it when you get here!!

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Lily Oracle
Completed! -bump- ~

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Leena Lilac
Hello! My name is Leena and I'll be your mod today!

Age: 16 is too young, we need ages appropriate for the equivalent of a university. 16 would be high school.

Semblance: 10m range

bump when done~

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Lily Oracle
Thank you! Done and done :3.

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Lily Oracle
Completion Bump? ^^;;

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Leena Lilac
Thanks for waiting, Approved!

I will be changing your username within the week.

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