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Kei Heiwajima - Jack Of All Trades

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Enrollment Form

Kei Heiwajima - Jack Of All Trades Latest?cb=20100903023746

Basic info
Name: Kei Heiwajima
Age: 21
Birthday: November 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Face Claim: Volke (Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn)

STR: 5
DEF: 2
RES: 2
SPT: 3
Aura 120|180 HP

Group: Gadgeteer
Likes: (At least three)
- Close Ranged Fighting: Many of Kei's abilities are devastating when within reach
- Anonymous: Many don't know Kei so they dont know what to expect when fighting him
- Money: Who doesn't?
- Eating: In the end, isn't that what it always comes down to?
-Kids: Too Annoying
-Rich People: Cause Jealousy
-Animals: Animals, Pets, Grimm, they all look the same  
-Ghosts: Would rather not be sent to the "Shadow Realm"
-Marriage: Does not want to deal with that
- Missing a Vegetable Sales: One of the few things he looks forward to life, missing it is tragic
Overall Personality:
Lazy - You could say his hobby is doing nothing because Kei isn't one for doing difficult work and will most often try to avoid doing labor. As such, when he went out looking for a way to pay the bills, he didn't join the royal army or anything like that. Instead he put himself up for hire as a Freelance Blade as the at most usually involves following a plain noble and scaring the occasional bandit or kicking a random stray kid away. Whether it may be from a failure of self advertisement or simply that his work isn't needed, Kei has had trouble with business. This wasn't enough to make him get a real job however, and he eventually turned from the Mercenary business to the "If you've got the money, I'll do whatever you want business" Jobs varied from finding lost pets, babysitting, plumbing but at least it was something.
Stingy - Kei's very limited supply of cash turned him into to some kind of hoarder when it comes to money. As a result, he fights his landlord on a monthly basis on why he didn't pay it that month and the weekly vegetable sales is his best friend. Kei also absolutely hates hosting visitors under the reason that feeding them will come out of his pocket and never lends an item. Most of the time, Kei will also not do anything for free.
Anti Hero - With his dark background hidden from nearly all and his powers unknown to most, many people don't fear him. Instead, because of his unheroic lifestyle and the fact that status wise, he is barely above a bum, many people look down on him. Sometimes gangs will try to fight him because he didn't pay the bill at a bar the night before or simply because they can. Kei usually runs from these fights as he wants to keep his old identity a secret and fighting would make it more obvious.
Terrible With Relationships - Exactly as it says, Kei is terrible with romance.
Occasionally Heroic - As a child, Kei's father instilled with the importance of protecting your family at any cost. Though dying early in his childhood, there were other adults whom Kei had encontered and watched over him. Each of these had noble beliefs and instilled within Kei. Often times throughout his childhood he dreamed of becoming a hero. Failures to protect those he cared for and the realization that there was no true happy ending stripped him of this dream. He didn't didn't lose his values he grew up with, but he stopped chasing them.  

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color:  Blue
Semblance: Electricity: Allows Kei to create a powerful electrical charge within himself and provide devastating shocks on touch
Item 1: Black Trench Coat (Physical Armor)- A combination of Kevlar and cloth to create a clothing capable of protecting from small arms and does not inhibit mobility.
Item 2: Weighted Wire - Kei can use this to scale tall objects and quickly travel. Also can be used as weapon if thrown around a person and electricity is conducted through it. Kei has two 10 meter automatic retractable coils of these
History and Sample
Kei Heiwajima was born in his house which was located outside of a neutral village that lied outside of one of the four kingdoms. His father was once a scientist for the Atlesian Military who left to and came to this obscure village to independently do his own work. Kei's father fell in love with and married a woman, who would become Kei's mother. Sadly, Kei's mother died because of problems while giving birth to Kei. Despite being an only parent, Kei's father did his best raise to Kei and do his work. He was the one who found out about Kei's unique Semblance to create electrical charges within himself while Kei was still young.
Kei helped however he could with his father's research which was involved trying to find the mysteries that surrounded Grimm. He also taught Kei the importance of family and to do everything in your power to protect. Kei took his words to heart and they would become his foundations for his later ideals.

Kei enjoyed an early happy childhood, he had many friends and people who cared for him just as he cared for them. The town baker who taught him how to make omelets. The local fishermen that taught him how to fish. Though the one he cared for the most was a girl named May. One could say they were almost siblings, as they did many things with each other. They went on adventures, they fought, they played, and they talked to each other as best friends would. One day, while looking over a lake during a sunset they planned to one day to become heroes and protect the wondrous world for the ones they loved.

The following was May's birthday so Kei had wondered outside of the village alone to find flowers for her. When he returned, he noticed that the village dead silent. He didn't think much of it however, too excited to bring May her flowers. He snuck into her house in order to surprise her with the flowers. He found her in her room asleep on her bed. Kei shook her to wake her up. She didn't. Puzzled he tried again only to realize that her skin felt as cold as death. Terrified, he ran to find her parents only to see that they too had suffered the same fate. He ran out into the road and cried at the top of his lungs for someone to come, but no one did. He found that the baker, the fishermen, even the doctor had suffered the same fate. Worried about his father, he ran home.

Upon arriving at his house on the outskirts of the village, he found part of his house in ruins and a dozen bodies burnt to crisps around. He recognized a symbol on the bodies signifying they were from the Atlesian Military. He called for his father and out from the house emerged what could barely be called a man. It was more beast then man. Claws, patches of black fur and sickly white skin. It was as if it were half man half Grimm. His eyes were entirely back and looking into them was similar to looking into a never ending cave. He also had a wicked smile across his face which revealed sharp fangs. It took him a moment to realize that this was his father. Kei couldn't speak and was stunned at all that happened around him.
His father spoke with a voice that Kei could only compare with death, "Atlesian Agents from the Kingdom  of Atlas were after my research and experiments so they wanted to kill me and you."
He continued with and awful laugh, "They didn't realize my project was complete and didn't stand a chance from my new gained power."
He turned his head toward the village, "Imagine that from all the way out here I was able to absorb the life force from everyone in the village. The experiment is more successful than I thought."
He looked into Kei's eyes with his own, "Remember, always protect family."
Kei didn't respond because he couldn't. Nearly all he cared for is now dead. All that is left is this thing that was once his father.

Out from the nearby woods emerged a greater number of Atlesian Agents than before, their goal no doubt to kill Kei's father.
"Run." Said Kei's father as he began Growl toward the Agents.
Kei did and ran to the tree line away from the Agents and his father. He didn't look back and all he heard was fighting and screams of agony behind him. Kei hid in the forest far from the fight. He continued to hide even after the fighting ended. He heard his father call for his name but Kei didn't go to him. He couldn't go to him. He couldn't go to it.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and screamed but a second hand reached over his mouth and muffled his scream. He looked and it wasn't his father or an Atlesian Agent. Instead it was a woman who appeared to be in her 30s. She had black hair and wore a black trench coat. She put a single finger over her lips in order to tell Kei to hush.
"Is that your father?" She asked.
All Kei could do was nod.
"I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to kill him."
This news didn't shock Kei. A voice spoke in his head, "Protect your family." It was his old father, not the monster that had now consumed him. Kei knew what he had to do.
Kei grabbed the woman's arm and looked her in the eye. "No, I must do it." He began walking to his house.
The woman was stunned for a moment then realized what was happening, "Wait!" she said chasing after Kei. She was forced to take cover behind the tree when Kei's father came into sight.
Kei's father had killed the Dai Li Agents and had tears coming down his face and held his arms out when he spoke, "We are safe now, we are safe."
Kei faked his joy and came into his embrace. He knew however that this is not his father. Instead it was a demon pretending to be, a demon that took over him when the experiment failed, a demon that killed May and all of the others he cared for.
The demon uttered one last line, "Protect your family."
With a scream Kei sent enough electricity to kill several bears from his body into his father killing him immediately.
The corpse of his father fell and Kei couldn't look down at it.
The woman emerged from the tree line and turned her toward the village which was now ablaze in flames.
"Agents from the Kingdom of Atlas are destroying all evidence of your father’s research. We need to leave now before they find us. Is there anything you want to take?"
"No", Kei said, there was nothing left for him here.
Kei and the women began to leave the ruins of his village when Kei stopped and looked at remained of his old home. Less than a day ago, everything was fine; now, it seemed to have been taken away from him. He wondered what led to all of this - his father, his research, The Kingdom of Atlas or perhaps something far more evil. Was it simply because of the lust for power? Kei decided on what he would do, for the villagers, for his father, for May. He swore he would protect not only his family but all that he cares for.
"I'll do it May," Kei said, "I'll become a hero."
Kei turned around and continued with the woman with that being the last he saw of his home.

Kei later learned that the woman he met after running from the fight between his father and the Atlesian Agents was named Ul. Ul didn't have an affiliation with the Kingdom of Atlas. She instead worked as a Freelancer specializing in assassinations. Strangely, Kei learned, Ul didn't know the identities of her main clients saying that they never revealed their identities. All she knew was simply, "That they were men of great power." She didn't explain what she meant. Instead, she continued and explained that these anonymous people hired her to kill Kei's father and stop his research. Apparently, word got out of what he was trying to achieve and many of the higher ups across the globe wanted to either take his knowledge for themselves or destroy it entirely. That was the reason for the appearance of the Atlesian Agents and Ul herself.

Kei also learned that Ul herself was scientist of sorts. She wanted to learn what the "Aura" that resides in people really was. She went on saying how every single person has an Aura within themselves and because of the existence of Aura, people can manipulate and control the environment around them. Of course, she went on, that everyone has different  levels of Aura and that why some people are more talented with their skills than others. She also pointed out that Aura and energy were very similar if not the same, and that energy exists all around us in different forms. No one has been able to completely master using this Energy to its fullest potential. Unfortunately, Ul hasn't made much progress into this field limiting what she knew. She worked as a Freelancer primarily to fund her research.

Whether it was because she was tired of living a lonely life, wanted a disciple, or even took interest in him, Ul pretty much adopted Kei into her life and trained Kei in different arts of combat as a student. She taught him how to fight with his hands and to win any battle as quickly and efficiently as possible. She also emphasized the importance of maneuverability on the field and dodging attacks. "It's not a win if you are dead she would often say." As a result, Kei went through rigorous speed training. Even though he was fast before meeting Ul, the training was quite stressful on the body and it took many years until Ul was satisfied with his speed. She also taught Kei how to use a weighted wire (See In Item Section Above) in his maneuverability. Using it to zip line to different objects, Kei's field of movement on the ground would not only be left, right, forward, back, but also above if something that he could attach his wire to was nearby. Instead, Ul helped Kei his semblance of Electricity. Combined with his Hand to Hand combat, Kei could easily incapacitate foes with it. Ul also taught the usage in a wide variety of weapons.

It wasn't until Kei was 16 that Kei began assisting Ul with her missions. Ul continued to work with the powerful unknown men that hired Ul to kill Kei’s father. There was something about these men that always bothered Kei. Kei and Ul received many with usually the most important and high paying ones to eliminating scientists like Kei's Father, people whom research and experiments most of the world viewed as evil. These jobs often bothered Kei, despite killing for justice; he knew he was trying to end conflicts through conflict.

One mission, Kei and Ul had received the job of stopping a bioweapon from reaching its destination. The bioweapon was being transported via Airship which Kei and Ul had successfully infiltrated. Their plan was to sabotage the ship with demolitions and prevent the airship from reaching its target with the bioweapons. With parachutes equipped, they would escape the airship midflight and detonate the bombs behind them.
The plan was going well up until the final bomb was planted, a guard of the ship had spotted Kei and Ul. The guard shouted and Alarms blared throughout the Airship. It was time to go. Kei and Ul raced through the ship, seeking an area where they could jump overboard and safely evacuate via parachute. Dispatching enemies who stood in the way, the duo reached a railing on the edge of the deck of airship. Kei jumped over the rail. Looking behind him, Kei saw that a Guard had grabbed Ul before she had jumped. More and more Guards were closing in on Ul. Ul threw a small metallic gadget down towards Kei. Kei caught it, and realized what it was. A detonator for the bombs they had planted. Ul wanted him to detonate the ship with her on it.
Ul smiled down to kei and nodded. That was the first and last time Kei saw her smile.
Kei pulled the trigger on the detonator and in a split second, an orange blast consumed the entire ship. The shockwave struck Kei and accelerated his fall, forcing him to pull his chute so he wouldn't splatter against the ground. Flaming debris from the airship came raining down, some of it tearing his chute and putting holes in it. Though the damaged parachute was breaking his fall, he was still falling at an unsafe speed. The ground was getting closer quickly and Kei prepared to brace his fall with a roll...
Kei awoke on an icy field a few hours later. It was apparent to him that he had survived the fall and suffered no injuries other than some bruises and a hard hit to the head. Kei wasn't entirely sure where he was but it didn't matter, Ul was dead. He had no choice did he not? The bioweapons had to be destroyed. Such weapons could have ended up taking the lives of many... It was at the cost for the only person cared for though. Was it right to sacrifice one person he considered his family in exchange for perhaps thousands that he did not know? Sorrow ate away at him. He didn't know.  For the next several months, Kei would spend his days alone in isolation, nearly given up on life.

It wasn't until Kei encountered May from back in his childhood in a dream that he change. As if a broken machine now fixed, Kei overcame his sorrow. He wanted to move forward, becoming the Hero he and May wanted to become when he was a young boy.
Kei ended up moving to the Kingdom of Bellmuse as it was the closest to where he was. He intended to learn the truth of the people who Ul had worked for. They were the ones that gave them job of intercepting the bioweapons. Kei knew these people must have some information about the group that had possessed the bioweapons. A group Kei had to stop.
In the present time, Kei has been in the Kingdom of Bellmuse for about a month. Kei doesn't talk much about his past to others, feeling it is his ordeal alone. Kei currently rents an apartment above a local ramen restaurant and began enrolling in Syne academy, seeking to make a living from completing tasks given to him. Kei had also figured that at this Academy, he could grow stronger himself so that wouldn't fail once again like he had done in his past...
RP Sample:


Kei was swerving through alleyways dodging people and buildings in order to quickly make his way through the maze known as "The Kingdom of Bellmuse". Behind him, were 6 armed men, doing their best to keep up with. They were not soldiers but even so, Kei had no idea who they were and much less what they wanted from him. These men were quite stubborn and had been chasing Kei all morning.

Taking a left turn at the end of an alleyway, Kei came across a dead end. Behind him, the 6 armed men had blocked the exit with their weapons drawn.
"Finally," said one of the Men,"We can do our business honestly and fair."
"Honesty and fairness you say?" Kei questioned casually as he reached into his Trench Coat toward his belt. The other men took a step back, unsure of the attack Kei was about to deal.

Kei suddenly threw the end of a weighted wire from his belt toward a pipe sticking out of the roof of one of the buildings behind him causing it to wrap around it tightly. Kei then propelled himself up using the wires built in retractable coil system.
"It's six verses one! How is this fair?!" Kei yelled behind him.
Kei landed on the roof of the building as the wire loosened around the pipe and completely retracted back into his belt. Kei continued running for his dear life.
Behind him, Kei heard the men yell "Hey! He's running again! Stop him!"

Making his way across the city from rooftop, the men had completely lost Kei. Kei made his way back to his apartment. His apartment was located over a ramen restaurant. The owner of the ramen restaurant owned the two apartments over his establishment as well. While living in one apartment and not needing the second, the owner of the restaurant rented it out to Kei. Upon arriving at his apartment, Kei saw Aldo Ching, an elderly man who was the restaurant owner and his landlord, standing outside.
"When are you finally going to pay your rent?!" Aldo Ching called out to Kei.
"I fixed the leak in your roof earlier this month, can't that be this month's payment?" Kei pleaded.
"The leak you 'fixed' opened up again and now even more leaks are showing up!" The old man shouted back.
"Why don't you replace the shingles on the roof already, they're the reason you keep getting leaks." Kei said attempting to change the topic.
Ching replied even more angrily, "I can't afford something like because someone won't pay their damn rent!"
Kei laughed a shy forced laugh and looked down to avoid eye contact with the angry old man trying to kill the mood with a lame joke.
"I wonder who that could be."
At that moment from behind, Kei heard someone yell, "There he is, get him!"
Kei turned around to see it was the six armed men from earlier that day.
"Well," Kei said to Ching, "I've to go old man, duty calls."
"Fine fine," the old man replied, "I'll be expecting the rent tomorrow."
With that, Kei took off running again.

After another long session of trying to run and hide from these men, Kei couldn't stand running any longer and decided to finally face them. Kei stood face to face with the men in the middle of the street. The men still had their weapons drawn.
"Finally," Began one of the men, "You've stopped running."
"Don't think I was running earlier because I can't take all of you on," Kei said trying to scare them off, "I could beat you all with my eyes closed."
It wasn't as intimidating as Kei hoped and sounded like a line from a second rate Kung-Fu movie.
The armed man look puzzled then continued, "Wait a second, we aren't trying to fight you, our boss simply wanted to talk to you."
Kei extremely annoyed said, "So then why have you been chasing me around all day with armed weapons if you simply wanted to speak!?"
"We thought it would make you more pay more attention to us and cause you to listen."
"Fools, approaching anyone with your weapon drawn makes them think you're trying to kill them, any normal person would run from you!" Kei angrily said not knowing what the other men were thinking.
The man seemed to think about it for a moment and simply said, "Huh, I didn't think about that." He turned around and looked at one of his comrades, "Dammit Sho, this was all your idea!" He shouted and proceeded to punch him in the head causing him to fall to the ground. He turned back around to to Kei and said "Anyhow, if you'll come with us, We'll bring you to the boss." Having nothing better to do, Kei followed.

It was late at night and Kei about to go to sleep. He met with the boss of the men and was amazed by his actions. Apparently the boss was walking through town a few days ago and saw Kei drop his coin purse. Kei didn't realize this until the boss brought this up and indeed saw he was missing his coin purse. At the time when he first picked up Kei's coin purse, the boss had lost sight of Kei and couldn't return it to him. As a result, the boss had his men find and chase after Kei so that he could return the coin purse. So the men did and eventually brought  Kei back all so the boss could return the coin purse.

It amazed Kei how much trouble the Boss went through to simply return the coin purse. The fact that such people exist filled him with joy and any man who'd spend an entire day to do a single deed despite it being over something small, is truly a great man.

It was at that moment while lying in bed that Kei realized that he had been chased around all day and his heart sunk as he was filled with dread.
Shit, Kei thought, Today is Tuesday.

The cucumbers were on sale today.

Mood: Shaken
Condition: Healthy

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Richard Lionheart
Hey, welcome to Syne ^^ Alright, this is a really good app but there are a few small problems. First are your stats, leave the speed stat out of there. You should only have Str, Def, Res and Spt in your stats and going by what you've put in those stats (totaling to 11) you have one extra base stat point to put into one of them.

The last problem are some details about are your items, while the idea behind your weapon is fine the length of wire is too long. I'm sorry but it'll have to be limited to 10 meters a coil or roughly 32.81 feet of wire. And as for your armor could you just add (physical armor) or (magic armor) to their description. Bump when done ^^

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Approved ^^

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Health suplexing pill used, bump when stats are edited.

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Stat changes are done

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