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Griffin Ignis

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1Griffin Ignis Empty Griffin Ignis on Sun Jul 13, 2014 11:19 pm

Griffin Ignis
Enrollment Form

Griffin Ignis 145472

Basic info
Name: Griffin Ignis
Age: 18
Birthday: July 13th
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 69 kgs
Face Claim: Will O' Wisp(Will)

STR: 3
AGT: 2
SPD: 3
SPT: 4
Aura 150|150 HP

Group: Warrior
Likes: Girls, money, sleeping.
Dislikes: Dirt, working, getting sweaty.  
Fears: Having his ass eaten by Grimm, young children, clowns.
Overall Personality: Griffin is laid back, easy going, and just a tad bit lazy, he is sociable, and tends to seek out people who he view as "acceptable". Griffin enjoys flirting, this often leaves him with far more relationships then he can handle, yet another example of his characteristic tendency to put pleasure over common sense. Due to his privileged childhood Griffin has a strong education, he takes pride in this and quite frequently attempts to prove himself over others, however Griffin takes almost absolutely no interest in increasing his knowledge of the world, pointing out to his parents that "I'm so rich that if I don't get a job I can just wait until you die" a quote that sums up the entirety of Griffin's existence. All of the following factors create a boy on the brink of manhood, a being who has yet to discover his true place in this world. Hopefully the academy of Syne will help uncover his life's passion.         

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Red
Semblance: Griffin's Semblance is the ability to emit fire. His ability also causes his eyes to change color from from blue to red.
Item 1: A small combat sword(Firefly)
Griffin Ignis MX5CsXwqVeigSB0-evf830Q
Item 2: Dust: Rating one: Fire.

History and Sample
Griffin Ignis was the only son of the owner of a massive airship production corporation. Griffin's family had a long tradition of attending combat school, becoming a so called "Hero" and slaying Grimm in carefully controlled environments, as to minimize the most amount of risk possible. This system often involved the Grimm being chained, muzzled, and a small militia of soldiers waiting patiently behind the recording sets armed to the teeth as to slaughter the Grimm at the slightest movement. These recordings were viewed everywhere and the Ignus family soon became famous, they used this publicity to advertise products and purchases several large company's, and soon they were known as both the most heroic family in the region of Vale as well as the richest.

Born into a life of riches and fame Griffin Ignus and no interest whatsoever in continuing the long line of monster "fighters" despite his impressive skill with a blade. However both his mother and his father both vehemently agreed that, he, as his ancestors before him should continue the family line and attend a combat academy, Griffin's parents suggested he take classes, and Griffin agreed, for he had always had a quiet fascination with the ornate swords in his father's collection, and after all, there were worse things one could study, and how bad could combat training be?

As Griffin soon discovered through months of tutoring and training, learning the art of war was far more difficult then he had imaged, his progress was somewhat slowed due to his almost routine of running off and returning just in time for training, this habit encouraged by his parents passive nature and he only ever learned the most basic of combat skills. His parents blamed his tutors, saying it was there fault that he had progressed so little in the expansive amount of time they had been given, and it is only with a few well placed bribes that Griffin is under consideration for Syne at all.
RP Sample:
Griffin Ignis stared balefully out the airship window while mentally listing the reasons that combat training was unnecessary,

1: Work made him ache, and Griffin was not one to enjoy pain.

2: The sweat of training almost completely obscured the sexy scent of his deodorant.

3: His family had enough money so that he could never get a job and still be one of the richest people in the city of Vale.

Griffin's lamentations were rudely interrupted by the slightly overweight airship pilot "Well Sir, that last escapade was quite creative I must admit, dressing up as a piece of vegetation, i'l never know where you get these ideas of yours" feeling disagreeable, Griffin decided to try dissing "Certainly not from your puny head fatso, why, if your brain was the size of the fat accumulated on your old man's body then you could be the smartest man on the continent of Vytal" the pilot said nothing, he was used to Griffin's bad tempered remarks and never gave them a second thought, Griffin, feeling better now that he leaked some of his annoyance asked lazily "So Fatso, have you ever traveled to the island of Bellmuse?" "As a matter a fact" replied the pilot, "I have" there he went on to describe Bellmuse, its beaches, forests, mountains, and Griffin sat attentively, for he had never actually seen a forest that did not have a fence around it, a beach that was not littered with Coke bottles, or a mountain that was not home to some sort mining corporation. As the man continued with his description of the islands beauty Griffin thought Heck, if i'm going to die of sweat I might as well die with a romantic background              

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Leena Lilac
Hi, I'm Leena and I'll be your mod today~

This looks just fine! welcome aboard!

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