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Yun Zhu (ready for Approval,)

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1Yun Zhu (ready for Approval,) Empty Yun Zhu (ready for Approval,) on Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:44 pm

Yun Zhu
Enrollment Form

Yun Zhu (ready for Approval,) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSCnh44W33aDXI79LLtyDiGYI3QY1QlPFvsEGqbwWB0LDH7UY1MWA

Basic info
Name: Yun Zhu
Age: 20
Birthday: December 17
Gender: Male (It’s a Hideyoshi)
Race: faunus (dragonfly, two antennae growing out of his forehead, able to be hidden with a hat.)
Weight: 120
Face Claim: Hideyoshi, baka and test.

Aura 160|140 HP

Likes: Looking cute, gardening, cute clothes, being called manly, herbalism, attention, talking to people, compliments.
Dislikes:Jerks, people questioning his masculinity, babysitting, cowards.
Fears: Abandonment, Storms, and Ailurophobia. (fear of cats.
Talent: Herbalism
Weakness Engineering
Overall Personality: Yun can be a bit of an oddball overall. He tends to claim to be manly, but almost exclusively wears female clothing and strives to look as cute as possible. Similarly, he will not correct someone if they mistake his gender. Yun is a rather studious person and takes his lessons seriously, but outside of that is more than happy to have a little fun. He can be a bit self-contradictory, calling people out for doing less than moral things, but at the same time often uses his own appearance to take advantage of people, flirting with guys in order to get favors and other things. He is more than happy to have fun, and while he has a strong moral compass, it doesn’t always seem to apply to himself. Though he doesn’t really like doing anything that will deliberately harm others. Yun tends to act responsibly more often than not but can easily get caught up in what otherwise would be innocent fun. While Yun seems to hold to his own idea of being manly, he also seems to have rather out there ideas of what is and isn’t manly.

Aura type: recovery
Aura Color: Ivory
Semblance: Plant manipulation, Yun has the ability to control plants, make them grow, and manipulate them, this allows him not only to attack and defend as needed. (both at 20aura for 20 damage.) but he can use it for utility and healing as well. Making herbs grow with medicinal purposes. Including edible herbs. (30 aura for 20hp.) Similarly, he’s able to cause poison throw poisonous plants as well as sleep and blind depending largely on the plant and the chemicals or toxins they produce.

Item 1: A wooden bo staff, one which is surprisingly durable, able to standup to much more punishment than it seems. It’s believed to be a rather rare and sturdy type of wood.
Item 2: Anti-dust silk dress. The Chinese style dress Yun wears is made from a special type of silk and can reduce the effect of dust. T1 dust armor.

History and Sample
Yun’s circumstances were strange, born in a small area of Mistral to a father who happened to be a radical, and well known criminal whom, while predating the White fang himself, was well known to fight for faunus rights in a bit more aggressive fashion, often times involving bombings or outright terrorism. His father had been arrested while he was still young, and Yun grew up with his mother primarily.
Yun himself had from a young age wanted to become a huntsman, however all the primary combat schools in the region had been aware of who his father was, and outright refused him entry. The only exception to this, happened to be one which specifically catered to female trainees. Yun’s mother helped to falsify papers to allow Yun to attend, spending the entire time pretending to actually be female, and in fact living as one. Yun actually enjoyed the school very much and had little real trouble fitting in. Especially given his already feminine appearance. Being noted for skill in fighting dust users specifically, though Yun was also noted not to be much good when facing fighters of a more physical nature. Still he did take an interest in things outside combat, and after learning his semblance began doing research in herbal cures and healing in order to be able to be better use as a huntsman in the future. Overall Yun did decently well in school, and only failed to graduate due to the fact his real gender was discovered. Not only this, but he was also blacklisted from finishing what little education he had left before being allowed into a huntsman academy, as well as the major academies themselves. Primarily the justification for this was being that he had falsified not only his papers but his identity as a whole.
Yun heard about Bellmuse a few years later and was surprised after applying to learn that he had in fact been accepted into the academy.
RP Sample:
Yun looked out at the small island country the airship was slowly approaching, wondering at what was to come. He still couldn’t believe that they’d accepted his application and had worried more than once that there was a chance he was simply in some kind of dream. Still he knew intellectually that it was true, he’d  been accepted and was finally on his way to becoming a true huntsman. It wasn’t like he’d have too many issues, after all he thought the whole situation was pretty manly in general, rising up from adversity and seizing a last chance opportunity for glory.

The boy adjusted his skirt idly as he waited for the airship to finish its approach. Smiling as he caught someone glancing at him and blushing, more than happy to accept the verification of his own cuteness as a compliment. He wondered what types if cute outfits he could find in Bellmuse…

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2Yun Zhu (ready for Approval,) Empty Re: Yun Zhu (ready for Approval,) on Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:56 pm

Ishi Omo

Sorry for the wait! Finals and all that jazz.

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