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Club Night. (Open to two)

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1Club Night. (Open to two) Empty Club Night. (Open to two) on Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:13 pm

Yun Zhu
(Fair Warning that there will be combat at some point in this thread)

Music blasted loudly through the nightclub as lights flashed and bodies moved. The night was alive as the nightclub. Alcoholic drinks could be seen being brought out from the bar area, and the dance floor itself had a good amount of people there, though not enough to really feel too crowded. A few bouncers here and there watching over the crowd with watchful eyes, as people all over socialized, drank, and danced the night away. A look around the place would reveal a VIP area, with it’s own bouncer as well as a hallway

Yun didn’t normally come out to places like this, though not because of a lack of interest, he enjoyed the thrilling environment, and had already noticed a few glances in his direction as he walked into the club, wearing a short skirted dress along with thigh high socks that acted just as much as leggings for the feminine boy, heeled boots covering his feet that came up to his knees. He noticed a guy trying to be discreet about looking him over and gave a little wink that elicited a blush from his observer before going to the dance floor. He came here to have fun, and what better way than to do a little teasing, besides, he’d dressed to look cute, and wanted to have people notice it.

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2Club Night. (Open to two) Empty Re: Club Night. (Open to two) on Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:02 am

Pushing past the bodies of people, deafening music, and blinding lights, Kei worked his way towards the front entrance of the Nightclub, keeping a look out for anyone who looked sketchy. Clubbing wasn't generally his thing, but a job is a job, and being a Club Bouncer usually involved working in a club. That being said, the pay actually wasn't ideal and beggars can't be choosers. At least his job is straight forward; keep the violence down, minors out, and the money flowing. He was dressed in his usual attire, a black trench coat with a red scarf around his neck.

Kei wasn't the only bouncer in the nightclub working at the moment, the were others working, keeping watch from their own positions over the crowd of people. Kei tried to keep his distance from them as they were all buddies with each other and he had accidentally pissed one of them off in the first hour of him starting.

Pushing past the crowd, Kei noticed a girl who was undeniably cute in her short skirt and thigh high socks. Unfortunately however, she also looked to be on the younger side.

Approaching from behind, Kei tapped Yun lightly on the shoulder.

"Hey missus!", Kei had to shout just to get his voice over the music, "I know clubs are where you go to feel young, but are you technically old enough to be here in the first place?"

Status, Health, Aura, Mood, Equipment Conditions:

Health: 220/220
Buff: -
Status: Normal
Mood: Meh

Kevlar Lined Trench Coat Tier 3 - Fine

MAUWS (Tier 4):
Right Wrist Harpoon - Loaded
Left Wrist Harpoon - Loaded
Weighted Wire Coil 1 - Loaded
Weighted Wire Coil 2 - Loaded
Left Wrist Quad-Barrel Rocket Launcher - 4 Rockets
Right Wrist Quad-Barrel Rocket Launcher - 4 Rockets

Fire Dust Tier 1
White Elephant's Tier 2 Fire Dust
(Check timeline for appropriate dust ratios)

Other Items
Waterproof Hand Flares - 2 Flares
Flashlight - Ready to Use
Small Rope Cable - 30 ft.
Multi-tool - Ready to Use
Copper Wire- 6 Inches
Scroll - Ready to Use
Scarf - Fine


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