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Back In Bellmuse (Closed)

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“Finally…” Kei muttered tiredly to himself as he shut the door to his new apartment behind him.

Before him was a small, dusty room. A sink and a countertop ran along one of the walls in the room with one window above them. Besides that, however, the room was empty and void of all furniture. On the wall opposite of the front entrance was another door to which he quickly discovered led to a very minimal bathroom. A toilet, a sink, a shower, and a single spot to stand between the 3 of them.

Turning off the lights in the room, Kei slumped against one of the bare walls, falling lightly to the floor. It had been 2 years since he accepted the job that led to his departure from Bellmuse. Simple guard duty on a Cargo Ship headed to Vacuo, or at least, what it should have been...

Sighing, trying to forget the incidents that took place, the Jack of All Trades looked across his dark, empty apartment out the window to the starry night sky. He was near broke financially and didn't have much to his name. There was no doubt, that there was plenty of work to be done and various problems to address with tremendous catching up to do. But oh well, he thought to himself as he slowly drifted to sleep, I’ll leave that for tomorrow’s me.

Status, Health, Aura, Mood, Equipment Conditions:

Health: 220/220
Buff: -
Status: Normal
Mood: Moody

Kevlar Lined Trench Coat Tier 3 - Fine

MAUWS (Tier 4):
Right Wrist Harpoon - Loaded
Left Wrist Harpoon - Loaded
Weighted Wire Coil 1 - Loaded
Weighted Wire Coil 2 - Loaded
Left Wrist Quad-Barrel Rocket Launcher - 4 Rockets
Right Wrist Quad-Barrel Rocket Launcher - 4 Rockets

Fire Dust Tier 1
White Elephant's Tier 2 Fire Dust
(Check timeline for appropriate dust ratios)

Other Items
Waterproof Hand Flares - 2 Flares
Flashlight - Ready to Use
Small Rope Cable - 30 ft.
Multi-tool - Ready to Use
Copper Wire- 6 Inches
Scroll - Ready to Use
Scarf - Fine


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