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Kenneth Lepida [Completed]

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1Kenneth Lepida [Completed] Empty Kenneth Lepida [Completed] on Tue Mar 03, 2015 11:22 pm

Kenneth Lepida
Enrollment Form

Kenneth Lepida [Completed] Twin_battle_2_by_pinlin-d7pywbj

Basic info
Name: Kenneth Lepida (the brown haired one, also Lepida is greek for Blade)
Age: 17
Birthday: August 9,
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus (Wolf Fangs)
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 127
Face Claim: Image I found off Deviant Art

STR: 4
DEF: 3
RES: 2
SPT: 3
Aura 150|150 HP

Group: Warrior
Likes: Being near his twin, exploration, The season Autumn
Dislikes: The White Fang, Prejudice humans, Nosy people
Fears: Being separated from his brother for a long period of time, Being useless, Death
Overall Personality: Just like his brother Kenneth is very quiet and keeps a bandage like wrapping around his mouth to hide the fact that he is a faunus. Kenneth is technically the younger brother sense he was born last. Regardless of being born last or first Kenneth and his twin were inseparable they understood each other so easily just by looking at each other's body language they could tell when one was either happy or sad, they didn't need words half the time to talk to each other. They may look different but they are more alike than people think, they even have the same tattoo in the same location.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Dark Brown
Semblance: Chains of Light: Kenneth's aura forms white chains that can attack an enemy, it can also grab an enemy and throw the enemy. Kyle can control where the chains go by using his hands to guide them however the chains only reach about 20m they are longer than Kyle's chains.
Item 1: White claw gauntlets
Image of Weapon:
Kenneth Lepida [Completed] Claws_2 (They are basically Kyle's just white)
Item 2: Earth Dust

History and Sample
Both Kyle and Kenneth were born in Vacuo. They had a mother Kana and their father Lex. Both their mother and father were part of some kind guild for hunters and huntresses, the name of the guild was Forgotten Misfits and it was a guild made for all of the faunus hunters and huntresses that were once part of The White Fang but no longer supported their actions. Once and awhile their parents would let them come to guild meetings and talk with some of the members. The guild was part of their family and they enjoyed talking to all of the members. It was that very guild that helped teach Kyle and Kenneth to fight. The guild was a peaceful place until The White Fang found out the guild existed and since the guild was made for those who didn't agree with The White Fang, the White Fang sought out to destroy it and that is just what they did. On one of the days that Kyle and Kenneth were at the guild hall The White Fang broke into the guild hall and killed everyone in it, except for Kyle and Kenneth who managed to find a hiding place in a closet. Their mother and father were killed that they, and from that day on they despised The White Fang, part of them even despised being faunus. They decided to leave Vacuo because they felt like they needed to get away from the painful memory of what happened that day. They decided to go to Syne Academy and become true hunters. They both still remember the guild and all the fun they had, they each got the guild tattooed beneath their eye of the guild symbol as a symbol to remember the ones that died that day. The twins now try to stay close to each other because they fear that they will lose the last part of their family that they have left.
RP Sample:
Wow! Bellemuse! It looks like a very interesting place! Kenneth thought as he was waking with his twin  while holding the map until the map was snatched by the twin. "Hey we were going the right way no need to snatch the map out of my hands, we don't need it anyway you can see the academy from here!" Kenneth said pointing to the academy. He looked over to see Kyle walking away "Hey where are you going?!" Kenneth asked as he followed his brother until he noticed the girl crying about her kite being stuck in a tree he then got in position to give his brother a boos so he could get the kite. After the kite was retrieved and the girl thanked them, Kenneth and his brother then walked on until they got to the academy, wondering what new adventures him and his brother would encounter at the academy.

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Leena Lilac
Max range should be 20m for the semblance.

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Kenneth Lepida
It has been fixed!

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Leena Lilac
Also Looks fine, approved.

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